[YMMV] or amex offers: Hilton hotels to spend $300+ and get a statement credit of 35 $membership/3,500 bonus points

05/26/18 update: try using this link if You have not been sent. Let us know if it works in the comments below. Hat tip to reader John K

The contents

  • 1 Offer
  • 2 The Fine Print
  • 3 Our Verdict


Direct link, targeted offer

  • Get 3,500 additional membership rewards points one time by using your registered card to spend a minimum of $300+ on a room rate and room charges at Hilton properties on 6/30/2018
  • Some people have a similar deal, but $35 is 3,500 membership Rewards

The Fine Print

  • Reservations must be made online at Hilton.com using Hilton honors app or by calling 1-800-445-8667. The offer is valid only at Hilton properties in the United States and the United States.
  • Excludes the purchase of gift cards. Offer is not applicable on rates of purchase, including payment in advance, save money now and pay and non-refundable rates.
  • The offer is valid only on the price of the room and the price.
  • Offer not valid for stays that are paid before or after the action of the start and end dates.

Our Verdict

Despite the fact that the fine print States usually, any purchases made at the front Desk will work (including things like gift cards and other purchases that were charged to the room). In addition, he said that pre-buy will not work, but if you have a booking, after 6/30/18 usually you can contact the reception in advance and to get them to charge your card and it will also trigger a proposal. Obviously, no guarantee that it will work this time, but it all worked out for similar deals in the past. Hilton deals get better when you put them to try these other suggestions as well:

  • Double points until 31 August 2018,
  • [YMMV] Hilton: stay 2/4 nights or more and get 5,000/15,000/25,000 Bonus points

When you start stacking deals like this, it makes Hilton a much more attractive option.

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