[YMMV] cardholders American Express business platinum: spend $5,000 and 25,000 bonus points, spend $5,000 and get another 10,000 points

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  • 2 The Fine Print
  • 3 Our Verdict


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  • American Express offers some of the existing business platinum card bonus expenses. The bonuses are as follows (spend must be filled 10/15/18):
    • Spend $5000 and get 25,000 membership rewards points
    • Spend the extra $5000 and get 10,000 membership rewards points

The Fine Print

  • The proposal consists of two tiers (two tiers, the “offer”), each of which, in accordance with the terms and conditions described here.
    First tier: earn 25,000 membership rewards points after you use your registered card to spend at least $5000 (in the “first tier spend requirement”) on qualifying purchases* during the period between the date on which you subscribed via 10/15/18 (the “promotional period”);
  • Second level: earn an additional 10,000 membership reward points after you use the registered card to spend at least $5,000 (“the second echelon to conduct requirement”) on qualifying purchases* during the promotion period.

Our Verdict

The first bonus is an additional 5x points on spend and the second bonus is an additional 2 points to spend assuming you spend the $5,000/$10,000 for sure. Great offer for those who can hit those spend requirements 10/15/18. “American Express is” trying to deal with expenditures, so I’d be careful buying things like gift cards and cash equivalents at the proposal. Same deal on the business gold card in the near future transaction.

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