[YMMV] a ride on uber passes may 2018

Uber plus passes can now available to a lucky few. Unfortunately, it seems that most people were destined for a specific location, passes this time around (e.g it covers only travel from point A And point B. for example from home to work and Vice versa).

Offers depend on your location (and sometimes even people in certain places). In fact, by purchasing these passes is the hardest part, here are some tips:

  • To check your application. Between the payment and travel you can see the opportunity for a pass rider.
  • To check your email. The “subject” line should be-do not skip an unlimited number of journeys for the price depends on the region

You can’t use your American Express uber credits to buy a pass. You can use the credits to pay for your discounted rides. $1 for the offer to ride with Ibotta also works by using these passes (our review of Ibotta here). Goodluck!


  • Update 05/01/18: uber ride now moves to may
  • Update: 03/28/18: uber ride is now available for April.
  • Update 02/27/18: is now back on the March. Hat tip readers MontyFC & Ryan. some people report that you should now choose two points (eg.g home and office) and only jumps between these points is included in the transfer. Others reported no such change.
  • Hat tip MontyFC

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