Workers Solihull Rover react to the warnings of the boss of the UK’s exit from EU

Just two weeks ago, a convoy of vintage land Rovers drove through Solihull to mark 70 years since the first model rolled off the Assembly line at the plant lode lane.

Thursday 9000 plant workers were to Wake up to the news that their boss has warned jobs may be at risk if Theresa may struck outlet UK online to “protect” their supply chain and an extensive client base in the EU.

Investment plan £Jaguar and Land Rover in the UK 80 billion at risk after heavy British exit from the EU

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“It’s only a matter of time before something bad, isn’t it? We can’t continue to be so lucky,” said one worker, as he went on his shift at station West Midlands.

Julie, 54, who worked in a huge site canteen said it will have devastating consequences for Solihull if any part of the Jaguar land Rover plant was curtailed. “It’s not just the people who work here that it will affect drivers, vendors, the city depends on the plant.”

Others dismissed concerns Ralph is sung, the German CEO of JLR. “Look at it”, said exhaust mechanic pointing to a huge site that is four miles around the perimeter of the lake, nursery, two Assembly lines and today is the largest employer in the area. “They have invested billions in it and we hear all the time that they are planning investments in the future on this site.”

For a couple of hours watching the site, transfers 150 trucks and two large entrances. Some 10m components are brought every day.

There is a huge Parking full of cars awaiting shipment for export or for testing or washing. Joe, 52, who works on the website, did not vote in the referendum of the EU. “But if I did I would say, go away.” Even if it would put your job at risk? “Yes, because it’s not about jobs. All about immigration”.

On the way to the bus stop huddled men waiting for their buses home. “There are more rumors than there are stories on the coronation street. You hear one, week other. You don’t know what to believe. I just came here to make the day work and pay,” added Joe.

In the aftermath of crises and under the closure in the dark decades of British industrial history, Leeds is the largest automobile plant in the country, producing 300,000 cars annually and is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly.

“It’s a major employer. This gives us our big house – well, more than I was before and luxuries in life. Leaving the UK is alarming,” said Colin Smethurst, 31, as he heads to work.

Many of those who spoke to the guardian were men in their 20s who worked at the plant for four or five years. “A British exit from the EU did not reach us on the slopes,” said one, referring to the production line. Another added: “the quarter and month? We talk about it, but it’s not in our hands. It is politicians who make the decision.”

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