Why spend 1000 on a smartphone when you could get one for less than £150?

How do you find the best Internet smartphone? If you’re anything like me, you can be easy to be overwhelmed by the range of deals on offer – one Carphone warehouse lists 77 different pay-monthly plans. But if your old mobile phone died or just left her one too many times, have not led to the signing of £30 per month two-year contract on £500-plus smartphone, because, as my recent experience shows that simply is not necessary.

All you need to do is spend a little more than £100 on the latest Chinese company Huawei (recently renamed honor) phone, and take £7.50 per month SIM only from tesco Mobile, and all but the most demanding mobile users will not be able to notice the difference and save you hundreds of pounds.

How do we know? Well, Brignall household just made this, and couldn’t be happier.

Faced with the domestic mobile phone crisis – my daughter Lottie fell and broke his Old phone – I went on the hunt for the cost of the smartphone that will do everything a normal teen things, such as sending email, using social media, surfing the web and, most importantly for her, to take good photographs.

Reviews and Guardian tech guru Samuel Gibbs pointed me to a couple of phones one of his favorite budget options, then £169 Moto G6, was still a little too expensive for us, but he also suggested Huawei/honor. And the more I read on the Internet on their phones, the more I was convinced that this was probably the way to go.




The iPhone … worth at least £999 from Apple. AP photo Marcio Jose Sanchez/

At the moment £99 Huawei Y6 would look SIM-free Internet – which means my daughter could move her SIM card from your previous phone, and Carphone warehouse could deliver the next day.

Within a few hours after her arrival she was declaring his great and, a few months later, he proved to be an excellent choice. The battery life is very good and it does everything that a 19 year old student of design you need.

The camera was great. Its only drawback was it debased the 16 GB, but this is easily solved with a £15 plug-in SD memory card.

Two months later, when my wife, four year old Windows phone died, we re-examined the market.

On the day Prime Amazon, we bought honor 7C for $ 114, down from £169. Don’t tell my daughter, but this phone is even better, though some may find the 5.99-inch screen is too big.

Still she’s so happy, and it left us wondering why people are willing to pay £700 to £999 for the latest phones.

The advantage of buying a SIM card in the phone, through the Internet a contract is that You are not tied to expensive vendor and can put any SIM card in it, at any time. Phones better and cheaper all the time, so we decided that was a three-year contract for us was not good.

SIM card Internet, Tesco mobile phone is not the cheapest, but it is very low and the company offers the best customer service in the industry (awards, of which? and scored the best in the League table of complaints to the regulator ofcom, regulatory).

For £7.50 a month Tesco will give you 1 GB of Internet and 500 minutes of calls – if You sign up for 12 months. You want 6 GB of data per month Tesco will cost you £12.50 per month. Tesco uses the 02 network. Giffgaff is also worth a look, but You can’t go to the store and ask for help.

SIM only Carphone warehouse deals (mobile number) and a cheap 1 GB of Internet and 500 minutes of calls for £5 a month, on a sliding Internet, so You are not closed.

Another advantage of the device is that if a better deal comes along you can switch without worry of having to get the phone unlocked. Also, if you travel outside the EU, where roaming charges can still hit, you can just put in a local SIM card.

This week the website Techadvisor who spends their time comparing phones, called £469 with oneplus 6 you can buy right now, beating the £999 for iPhone X and other rivals. “It’s at a reasonable price, has the best specifications that you might expect, looks great and has a camera that can compete with their rivals,” he said.

But for me, it seems, is still too much. Huawei P8 Lite is currently £129. If You don’t want to go with Huawei/read there are other suggestions – but You are not getting for your money.

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