Why my complaints electricity supplier owed £7,824?

The flow of energy has been my electricity provider since 2014. A few months ago I was shocked to discover my account had a debt of £7,824. The first contact on it was an automated message that my direct debit will increase from £22 per month to $ 1,014. Then, despite stating that they are “suspended” until the issue was resolved, they took two payment of £1,014, which I have since claimed back via my Bank. A lot of money for me.

N., Kilmarnock

So maybe suppliers are not allowed to back bill customers, where they made a mistake, so why the thread (or the new owner of cooperative energy) to send you these requirements? And what’s worse, tried to take over £ 2,000 from his account. Fortunately, after the intervention of the Guardian, the bill was destroyed. The co-op apologized. You must create a new payment to better reflect your usage, not starting from scratch.

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