Wetherspoon supports the campaign against nomads and Gypsies discrimination

Pub chain Wetherspoon is supporting the campaign to raise awareness about the discrimination that Gypsies and travellers face in obtaining access to bars and restaurants.

Previously, the company admitted that the travelers were racial stereotypes of employees in bars. In 2015 Wetherspoon paid £3,500 every three people after employees of Cambridge pub in Tivoli forbade them entry because of their ethnicity.

In the same year, the pub ordered to pay £24,000 in damages after recognizing them guilty of racial discrimination against a group of persons in November of 2011, when they were prevented from entering the coronet pub, in North London.

On Monday, Tim Martin, founder and Chairman of Wetherspoon, said he met with representatives of the movement “the traveler”, a charity which provides support to Gypsies, Roma and Traveller community in the UK to discuss this issue.

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“We were pleased to welcome representatives of the traveller movement and the equality and the Commission on human rights at our headquarters. We work closely with them in the development of staff training on this issue and support the campaign,” he said.

Jim Davies, equity and social justice unit Manager for the traveller movement said: “to be refused entry or service is a problem that affects the lives of Gypsies and travellers across the country.

“This form of discrimination is unacceptable in any civilized society, it is encouraging to see that one of the industry leaders such as Wetherspoon makes such a positive stance on this issue. The movement of the traveler welcomes Wetherspoon for their efforts to raise awareness about this issue.”

The result is a debate about discrimination in 2015, Wetherspoons said it is reviewing its training and policies to ensure that staff comply with the requirements of the legislation.

Martin said that these two cases are the only cases where the company was charged with discrimination against tourists, since the network was founded in 1979.

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