[Updated] Amazon 30 $60 $when you use Mr points, works on gift cards [target]

6/6/18 update: this offer has been extended until the end of November, probably with a new batch of people become the target. It seems that those who have already used it, you will not be able to do it again.

04/30/18 update: it seems another batch of people is now directed. The Internet is even better if you were sent on the American Express spend $50 and get $20/2,000 points. Some tips on how to get targeted for this offer here. Might be a good time to lock in Amazon Prime pricing. Update: apparently, after registering you need to wait 24 hours for the promo code to be applicable.

The contents

  • 1 Offer
  • 2 The Fine Print
  • 3 Our Verdict


Direct link to offer (this post contains our affiliate link)

  • Get $30 from $60 purchase Amazon.com when you use AMEX membership Rewards shop with points

You can even use single point membership Rewards amex and still get a discount of$ 30 and the Internet works on gift cards too!

The figure on the left below is from Airbnb in the $60 e-gift card and the right image below-$100 whole foods physical gift card:

Here’s how to go about doing this transaction:

  • Links to Your account membership Rewards amex in to your Amazon account, if you haven’t already
  • Click to activate this offer in your account at Amazon here
  • Add 60 $or more appropriate products shipped and sold by Amazon to Your cart
  • Go to checkout and choose AMEX Rewards card as the payment method
  • Select the number of membership rewards points you would like to use for the purchase (must use points for at least .01 $purchase)
  • Discounts up to 30 $of 60 $will be applied automatically at checkout; promo code not needed
  • The Fine Print

  • This is a limited time offer. The campaign will end at 11:59 PT on June 1, 2018 November 30, 2018. The promo code expires at the same time. Amazon.com reserves the right to cancel or change this offer at any time.
  • The offer is available by invitation only, is not transferable to another person, not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold.
  • Offer only applies for purchase at least 60 $of eligible products, where the membership reward points are used, at least part of the purchase and the promotional code is entered at checkout. Taxes, gift-wrap and shipping and handling charges do not apply when determining minimum purchase amount.
  • The maximum benefit you can get from this offer is $30 for the right to membership Rewards was a card.
  • Offer is not available in the American Express membership discount card law, whose glasses were previously used for purchases Amazon.com over the last twelve months. (Note: some reports say that this is not the case.)
  • Offer is not valid for the purchase of digital content.
  • Offer applies only to eligible products sold and marketed Amazon.com.
  • Items must be purchased in one order and shipped at the same rate at the same address.
  • Transport costs may apply for discounted promotional products.
  • Limit one promo code Rewards membership card right.
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers.
  • To get the bonus, you must be logged in to an account that has been active for 30 days or longer.
  • Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in the original order. If any of the items in your original order is returned, your refund will be equal to the original price of a product, less the proportionate amount of the discount. The total discount on the unpaid amount of your original order is less than $30.
  • If any products related to your original order are returned, subject to a refund from Amazon, you will receive a refund of the amount the first card, membership Rewards points.
  • Promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.
  • This promotion is only available for Amazon.com customers with an enviable American Express cards issued in the United States.
  • Our Verdict

    This deal works for many people but not all. And it works on third party gift cards, too, both physical and electronic! Maybe I should just buy a gift card or some other object now in case it gets used, but I hope it will continue during the holiday shopping season, as it expires December 31. I also came here with Dochotdeals Twitter if it did not last for whatever reason.

    I’ll post here popular gift cards links from our affiliate link. We appreciate when you use our links, but remember that you can get 3x your post by going through their portal.

    • The home page of Amazon
    • Link to all physical gift cards on Amazon (scroll down to find a third party card)
    • Link to all e-gift cards on Amazon (scroll down to find a third party card)
    • Airbnb e-gift cards
    • Uber e-gift card
    • Hotels.com e-gift card
    • Whole foods gift card
    • Lowes electronic gift cards
    • Netflix e-gift cards
    • Safeway in e-gift cards
    • Physical gift cards Albertson
    • Southwest physical gift cards
    • A nordstrom gift card

    E-gift card can be customized Exactly for$ 60, which increases the discount. Physical cards must be in their denominations, as a rule, $25, 50$, $100.