UK supermarkets recall of frozen vegetables for fear of bacteria

A number of supermarkets were forced to recall thousands of bags of its own brand frozen vegetables because of fears that they could contain deadly bacteria.

The food standards Agency said 43 of the frozen products, including corn and vegetables sold by retailers including tesco, Sainsbury’s, supermarkets, aldi and lidl – were withdrawn green space, one of the largest suppliers of fruits and vegetables.

He was afraid of frozen vegetables can contain Listeria Listeria that can cause listeriosis, a rare disease responsible for the death of two people in the UK last year.

From 2015, there have been 47 recorded cases, nine of which proved fatal. Flash was also affected Austria, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Last week the Hungarian authorities for food safety has banned the sale of frozen vegetables produced at the plant green space in Hungary in the last two years. He has also ordered retailers to withdraw products from its shelves and warned customers in efforts to contain the epidemic. All freezing activities at the plant was stopped.

The European authority for food safety (efsa) notes that were detected strains of Listeria in the products manufactured at the plant in 2015. This suggests strains of error was preserved at the factory, despite of the cleaning procedure and disinfection carried out.

Initially, the source of bacteria is the corn, but efsa said it was possible that other vegetables have also been contaminated.

Green space said: “we take this very seriously. We stopped our production in Hungary for an in-depth review and will not restart until the root cause is found and eliminated.”

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