TSB online banking the crisis drags on into second week

This melting of the TSB for the second week, with some customers still are unable to access their accounts and make payments.

One of the most severe crises in the British banking activities was caused by a failed data migration from one system to another and affects up to 1.9 million mobile and online banking in a Spanish Bank. On Thursday, the Central Bank called upon experts from IBM and asked them to fix the problem on Saturday.

Warning signs for the TSB this crisis, it was clear a year ago – the insider

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Q and you were affected by the TSB is a failure?



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However, in the last online, the Central Bank said it continues to work to fix the problem, and a spokesman confirmed, the same situation was on Monday.


We have made available the Internet banking and the banking business, but some customers may still face challenges in accessing and using these services. We work hard to resolve these issues. Our mobile app is also available.

29 APR 2018

It took a few of the customers of the Bank in social networks reported on the continuing problems on Monday morning. The head of the beleaguered Bank Executive, Paul pester, has promised that customers will not remain in the loser.

Iona Bain, the founder of young money blog, on Twitter:

Iona Bain

Still can’t access my account @TSB – so until the problems disappears from the headlines, in life-ending inconvenience is not over. I am very interested to know what compensation will be commensurate with the violation, more than one million people have experienced…

30 APR 2018

Michael Grimmett

@CB today is the day that all my remaining care staff must be paid, but I am told that my password is too long or too short when I try to make the payment.

I have a speech defect, which means that the phone Bank is not an option.

30 APR 2018

Michelle Buchan

???? this is correct – still having problems with access to the account ???? https://t.co/SD2mcCvsqY

30 APR 2018

Moving customers from Lloyds old systems to the new database is expected to save the owners of the Bank Sabadell, 100 million pounds a year. Now the Bank faces having to pay the same amount in compensation to clients and potential fines by the financial conduct authority, which dispatched a team to the Central Bank to control the situation.

Pester refused to answer questions about his £1.6 m bonus, to be paid after his transition is completed, together with 30 other bonuses for senior staff.

The Bank confirmed that a decision on bonuses is vested in the compensation Committee of the Board of the Central Bank, and it was not decided.

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