The TSB says to clients: please contact your local post office, your Bank balance

CB combat readiness caused even more anger on Thursday after suggesting that customers pop in their local post office to access their Bank accounts.

The Bank is already the second week of a major crisis that left thousands of customers unable to access online banking accounts, and also showed the wrong details or the wrong balance.

In bruises of the Treasury Committee hearing on Wednesday, bosses at the Bank said I don’t know when problems will be fixed. Then, the Central Bank issued a tweet on Thursday morning, suggesting that clients use the post office cash cheques, pay in cash or check their Bank accounts.

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The announcement angered customers, with the London coffee roaster coffee of the mission works says: “the post office? This is the last time we checked 2018”.

The collapse is the largest technological fiasco of the UK banking sector in recent years and came after the Central Bank tried to switch to 1.3 billion records to update system software in the conduct of the parent company Sabadell.

We apologize for any difficulties customers may have been working 24/7 to restore order. Customers can use the @postoffice on some banking services, such as payment by cash or cheque using pre-printed slip and check personal accounts.

— TSB (@TSB) 3 may 2018

This is a PR disaster for the Central Bank, which tries to distinguish itself from larger players, since it split from Lloyds Bank four years ago, only last year, is positioning itself as a leader in the field of digital technologies in the sector after the introduction of the scanning of the iris technology.

“It would be wrong to talk about the date when the problems will be fixed, because it can mislead”, – said the Chairman of the Central Bank Richard Meddings admitted on Wednesday.

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