The TSB recognizes 1,300 customers lost money from their accounts

CB acknowledged that 1,300 customers had money stolen from their accounts – in some cases, their life savings Scam using the latest Bank crisis.

Chronology of the problem: how TSB is a disaster unfolded

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Chief Executive officer of the Bank on alert, Paul pester, also showed that the number of people, the failure of the Bank failing its modernization was launched in 400 to 500 per day and currently amounts to 12,500, as first appeared at the end of April problems.

During often heated exchanges with MPs on the Treasury Committee on Wednesday Afternoon to pester and two other executives, TSB chair Richard Meddings and Miguel Montes, senior officer of the parent company Sabadell, was criticized for paying “pitiful, embarrassing, shameful” level of compensation for victims of the fiasco.

They asked, “why are you still in your job?” and “can we be sure that some heads are going to roll?”

Nicky Morgan, conservative MP and Chairman of the Committee, said stick at the end of the hearing that the Central Bank had“, unfortunately, has earned the epithet ‘truly chaotic Bank.”

Stick repeatedly apologized, calling one member said that he was “set a new record for an apology,” but rejected suggestions he should consider stepping aside, saying, “I think I’m the right person to fix this problem for our customers.”

The head of the Central Bank receives a stinging rebuke from city Watchdog

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To 1.9 million 5.2 million customers, TSB started to experience problems with the online and mobile banking on Monday, April 23, after the account was migrated from the system inherited from the previous owner, lloyds banking group, the Spanish parent operation technology of Sabadell.

More than six weeks later, some customers of the Central Bank continue to face violation of services. On Wednesday on the website of the Bank acknowledged that there were “difficulties and see the error message” when making payments, and he said that some business owners accounts were “problems”.

Appearance to pester, before the Committee came soon after the financial conduct authority (FCA) launched a stinging attack on the bosses of the Bank for their failure to be open and transparent with customers.

The Bank opened it’s getting old, but after a year the bill of £70 million to cover various costs associated with the problems, which included £11.2 million to compensate customers who have suffered from fraud – the figure will probably reach closer to 20 million pounds, as soon as the amount is not paid has been included.

During the hearing, the chief Executive of ark, Andrew Bailey, said there were about 10,600 fraud “incidents” associated with melting.

However, said to pester that the number of those who lost money from their accounts to fraudsters was 1,300. These people have returned, he added.

TSB apologizes (a lot), but it is a real issue about the competence | Nils pratley project

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The chief Executive said he was shocked to read reports of customers who have been waiting on the phone for nine hours to uncover the fraud. In some cases, their life savings were taken from them.

However, pester said 70 times the normal level of fraud attacks was seen last month, and he described it as “an unprecedented attack all over the UK Bank with organized crime,” adding that the Central Bank is working with various agencies in trying to track down the criminals.

Morgan details the entrepreneur, Paul Catherall, which was £24,550 stolen from his account last month.

The Bank later made a payment to his account the same amount, but was offered only £192 compensation, of which £42 was the cost of phone calls made Catherall. Morgan said, “I don’t think £192 is almost enough”.

She added that major some people’s experience of life such as wedding and buying a house was destroyed by what happened.

The Bank also announced that it has cancelled the overdraft fees and charges a total of £29M as a result of the problems.

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The Committee also heard that 370 former clients have suffered from mistakes, which meant people switching from Bank to another Bank found that the recurring payments were cancelled because the company was said that they died. Said stick was a software error behind the problem, and people were contacted and offered compensation.

Labour MP John Mann asked: “how many goals will fly?”

Meddings said the Council hired the city law firm slaughter & may conduct independent verification of a crisis that was going to be thorough. He added: “if I am found to be guilty, action will apply to me.”