The problem with American Express and Bank of America travel credits transactions – but I wouldn’t worry

Currently, there seems to be a problem with the Bank of America commissions during the journey, $100 loan transactions, similar problems occur on American Express cards, which offer airline refunds. It happened on American Express cards before and always worry that gift cards don’t work. From what I could tell nobody got a refund on Bank of America Premium Rewards cards from 6 June to 7 June, which includes people making purchases that qualify and even includes the registration fee for the record (this is different benefits, but it is interesting that the statement is still not published). It’s always possible that Bank of America/American Express makes changes to how the travel credits work, but I highly doubt it, and I suspect that there is a lag/some other issue and it will be resolved sooner or later. If you are worried, you can always wait until the problem is solved/we know more to make your purchases to ensure you only make purchases that will correctly fold.

Hat tip Pointsmiles