The pilots of the airline Ryanair announce two further strikes in July

Ryanair passengers face more violations at the end of this month with two pilots strike to be held in Ireland.

Ryanair is striking: their brand is built on reliable bastards’

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Association Irish air line pilots announced on 20 and 24 July, another two 24-hour stoppages, after 30 flights were canceled due to the strike on Thursday. The action this week suffered nearly 5,000 passengers, including the busiest of Ryanair, the Ireland-UK routes, after pilots staged a strike over pay and working conditions.

The budget airline said that most of their customers affected by the strike on Thursday was offered alternative transport or a refund. The management of the company and IALPA marathon, which took place on Wednesday at negotiations in an attempt to resolve these issues, but the negotiations failed and the strike went ahead. The Union regretted that the management of Ryanair so far rejected the offer of outside help to break the deadlock.

Ryanair, which has mounted a drive to recognize the unions in an attempt to quell the unrest of staff on the verge of collapse elsewhere in Europe this month. Cabin and ground crew from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium have agreed to strike on 25 and 26 July, saying the airline Ryanair could not address the requirements of the company’s “crew” this week.

Foreign Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveney, said: “we are concerned that this dispute will be resolved quickly and passengers are discommoded to a large extent. And unfortunately, the dispute has not been resolved when the two parties and their representatives interact with each other.

“As government, we want to encourage both parties to find as soon as possible solution. Many people rely on Ryanair to travel – for business, recreation and other needs.”

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