The investigator in the co-operative Bank collapse, to earn £1500 a day

The regulator has hired to investigate the collapse of the cooperative Bank will be paid £1500 a day plus expenses, it turned out.

Mark Selmer, former boss of the Bank of Canada, will attempt that led to the co-operative Bank flirting with failure in 2013, when it discovered a £1.5 bn Accounting black hole. The lender was lame before the result was saved with the help of hedge funds last year.

Package to pay the investigator confirmed today by the Bank of England. If he works a normal five day working week, he stands to earn nearly $ 33,000 a month. He was given a period of up to one year to complete the investigation, so he can be paid about £400,000.

The appointment of Mr. Selmer to the helm of an independent investigation, first announced…

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