The first Railway line will be built with private money has five contenders

Five bidders in the running to build the first rail line under the new government proposals to fully Fund the new tracks with private money.

Hong Kong-transport giant metro, which runs the South Western railway from Waterloo to the West country with FirstGroup, and a scheme involving Baroness Valentine, ТГ2 Director, are among those vying to build the line connecting the towns to the South of Heathrow airport directly with the airport.

The participants were asked to submit their proposals in March as part of the plans of Ministers to introduce additional cash into the Railways.

Chris Grayling, Minister of transport, has been vocal about his desire for railroad connection to Heathrow from the South, as better transport links to support the argument in favor of the third proposal for the extension of the runway.

Transport Minister Chris Grayling is trying to get more private capital into the railway sector to reduce the burden on the taxpayer

John Robertson

Although proposals may be submitted until the end of July, a source close to the government project said that the new applicants are unlikely. Officials should meet today applicants to determine their priorities for the project.

At Heathrow, the application southern railway supported by Baroness Valentine will link the airport to Staines to Windsor-Staines line and connect to existing main line between South-West Byfleet and Woking.

Windsor link railway scheme, headed by George Bathurst, will provide links from the airport to the South and West as part of a larger scheme.

Windsor can get direct rail connections to Heathrow, when the scheme to build a line linking the South to Heathrow is built

A light rail system has also been proposed to link transit solutions, headed by canadian Peter Buckley, in the broader framework of a larger proposal London transport.

The identity of the fifth member has not been disclosed.

Once the deadline takes place in July, as expected, the government will present updated information on the next stage of the process in the fall. Depending on the chosen scheme, trains can be run on the new line already in 2025.


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