The drop in revenue, adds to the bleakness in Dixons Carphone

Carphone, Dixons faced with a sharp drop in profits, exacerbating the suffering in the troubled retailer as a result of destructive cyberattacks.

Tight and shrinking market is expected to provoke a fall in pre-tax profits 23pc to $ 382m this week.

A grim update on Thursday, comes after the company admitted, he was struck by a massive leak of information that was taken almost a year to discover.

It was the latest blow to the seller after a blow to the profits of the Company at the end of may, when he also said it would close 92 stores.

New chief Executive Alex Baldock has branded the company too “short treater” and “internally oriented”, claiming it lacked clear direction under the leadership of former chief Executive Sebastian James.

Carphone, Dixons

Profit before tax is expected to adopt a new tumble dryer £300 million this year, but Mr Baldock insists on the company’s problems “everything is fixable”.

However, he is faced with the prospect of difficult negotiations, supply tube with British mobile operators. They fear the cost of selling through Dixons Carphone in the face of changing market trends, which indicates the presence of the retailer street is seen as less valuable.

Dixon’s Carphone, showed Wednesday that 5.9 million Bank details, card and 1.2 million personal data was available to hackers.

The breach, believed to have been caused by advanced computer viruses and malware that infiltrated the systems of processing Currys PC World and tourist shops, Dixons. About 5.8 million payment cards hit by the attack were protected from Chip-and-pin, according to the retailer, while 105,000 cards outside the EU without a chip-and-PIN has been compromised.

The burglary occurred in July of last year, but was only discovered last week after a review of the systems caused by the arrival of Mr Baldock.

Warehouse car phone, the Watchdog said its “additional security measures” after it was slapped with a £400,000 fine in January last year after a cyber attack in 2015, which exposed the data of three million customers. The office of the information Commissioner (ICO) that works in conjunction with the National Agency for the fight against crime, the National center for cyber-security, and the financial conduct authority, to discover how the latest breakthrough.

IHO said that he would like to see if Carphone, Dixons learned from violations of the Carphone warehouse in 2015 as part of its investigation of the attack.

The watchdog also refused to rule out investigating the company with the arrival of a new General European Regulation On data protection. This will mean the seller can be fined up to 4pc of its global revenue, or £420m.

However, it is expected that violations will be assessed under the old rules because it happened before the new legislation came into force in may.

This will increase the probability of a lesser penalty of up to half a million pounds.

Shares in dixons Carphone down 36pcs since June of last year.