The accumulation of drugs faces a cash flow headache for local pharmacies

Independent chemists are facing financial crisis, if they are required stocks of medicines, to online British exit from the EU, the President of the Royal pharmaceutical society has warned.

Ash Soni said that a small community pharmacies not can afford to purchase and store large quantities of medicines on behalf of Ministry of health. Mr. Sony, who owns three chemists, said it would create problems for small businesses in this sector.

“If she’s sitting on my shelf for three months, I’ll be in a place where I don’t get paid for three months. If I don’t release it, I won’t pay”, – he said. “This is a serious problem for cash flow. I’m bearing the risk on behalf of the NGS, that seems unfair to me.

“If the NHS wants stocks of medicines, it needs to take responsibility to make sure that they’re paid for.” Matt Hancock, Minister of health, said that the government was preparing “for the possible need for accumulation.”

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Mr. Sony said, “some of the drugs I use about 150 packs a month, so if you want me to store for six months, it is 1000 packs.

“Even if the price is low, just £1 a pack, so £1,000. We will do 8,000 prescriptions per month, which is £50,000 of drugs in each branch every month. If every pharmacy and this throughout all England, it’s 12,000 pharmacies, it’s a huge amount of money.” He added that to store a number of medications, some of which has a short shelf life, there is an additional problem for small pharmacies.

“We also need to find a place to store them and pharmacies are not huge places,” he said. “If they are elements of a cold store, I need to buy another refrigerator?” For the quarter and the month according to Alliance health, 45m packages exported to the EU from the UK every month, more than 37m packages that are imported. It could also leave the EU to experience a shortage of medicines, according to Martin Sawer, Executive Director of the Association of the distribution of health services.

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“The UK exports more than it imports packages – there is trade in both directions, so it’s important that there is alignment in the market,” said Mr. Sawer.

“Companies are putting more medicines in the UK is already in the buffer stock. Essential medicines, a government buys and stores them, but this is not the case. The supply chain would have to understand. The pharmacy should be told about the plans as soon as possible”.

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