Target Up And Up Flushable Wipes For The Settlement Of Class Action – 27 $Without Proof Of Purchase Is Not Limited

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  • 3 Important Dates
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Target Up And Up Flushable Wipes Settlements

If You have purchased and to Flushable wipes for kids at any target in the United States in the period from April 18, 2010 & October 31, 2014, you are entitled to settlement. The lawsuit alleges that these wipes are not flushable, target denied his guilt, but has decided to settle the case. The settlement is as follows:

  • Without proof of purchase, you can get a gift card for 20 units (27$)
  • With proof of purchase you can get a gift card in the amount of $1.35 per unit without any restrictions on the number of units

You can also get coupons instead of gift cards (up to 20 units, the rest will be gift cards). When providing proof of purchase must indicate the purchase price, date and place of purchase.


To apply, send your details here. If You don’t want to file a lawsuit you wish to apply for an exception by filing a claim, to waive their right to sue the purpose of this question.

Important Dates

• Repayment period confirmation requirements: September 7, 2018

• The deadline to request exclusion: 9 July 2018

• The deadline to request exclusion: 9 July 2018

• Deadline for payment and application flow: 23 Jun 2018

• The deadline for notice of intent to appear at hearing on final approval of settlement: June 26, 2018

• Hearing on final approval of the settlement agreement: August 7, 2018 at 9:00

Our Verdict

It should go without saying, but I’ll tell you anyway. If You don’t purchase these products, please don’t sue. That is fraud, and does not provide any evidence of settlements purchase less in the future. Don’t do this. That being said, I suspect that many readers have already bought this product, and I know I certainly don’t keep checks from 5 years ago (well, actually for this type of product).

Hat tip to discount a claim, the reader, Aaron L & Dans deals

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