SSE and power Sostoianie full protection between the energy

Energy giants for one of the largest mergers in this sector are ready to offer the British competition watchdog full protection to your plan of £3 billion to reduce the “big six” suppliers down to five.

SSE and npower have chosen for full competition and markets authority investigation of her scheme to create a new unit of the energy giant, instead, to suggest measures to allay the authorities ‘ fears that the merger could lead to higher bills.

An initial review of the AGR deal, which would create a provider with a combined 11.5 m customers in the UK, have raised concerns that the merger would reduce competition in the market has already been plagued by concerns about unfair account.

“SSE and Sostojanie not to propose measures to solve the AGR, and so he called the merger a more in-depth phase 2 investigation,” the CMA said.

However, industry sources with knowledge of the matter told the Telegraph that the company was confident in its ability to merge the full sample instead propose changes to a number of disparate measures.

The CMA has raised concerns that the merger of the power supply GSP with Sostoianie could weaken competition in the market


“The nature of the problem has always been better treated in phase 2 studies, as well as the terms of the merger are always discounted this,” said one.

GSP is planning to roll out your hand energy supply to merge with Sostoianie party in attracting new supplies of energy giant on the London stock exchange before the end of this year.

Chart of the pair allows a two-phase dipstick a little over a year, which is typical for this kind of investigation, after the initiator of the process in November last year.

A new energy company listed will allow GSP, which also runs power plants and power systems, to distance themselves from the household energy market ahead of the restriction by the authorities profit on the controversial energy tariffs.

However, critics of the deal fear the new company would stifle efforts to create a more competitive market, creating a company that will be the largest supplier of electricity in the UK and is second only to “British gas” as the largest supplier of domestic gas in the country.

The lights went out on the big six

SSE chief Alistair Phillips-Davies wrote in the Telegraph that a marked increase in competition in the market in recent years meant the concern about the merger can be stopped.

“Now 60, not six vendors in the market, where competition is stronger than ever”, – he wrote soon after the transaction appeared in the “Sunday Telegraph” in November.

“More than half a million customers switched Supplier in September with new members, grow their market share from 1pc to 20pcs in a few years.

“So, it’s not six to five, it’s more like 60 to 59. And, as a result of this merger, one of those 59 will offer a completely new model that combines the resources of famous players, with the agility and innovation of the independent supplier,” he said.

The matter is also complicated by mammoth on exchange of assets, the planned German energy giants E. on and RWE, which owns the parent of Sostojanie in the company innogy.

Through a series of exchanges of an asset deal will effectively force the Aeon, which operates the big six supplier, EON UK, one third of the shares of the new GSP-Sostoyanie opponent.

Party in the sphere of attraction is understood to be expecting calls from cma to sell its stake in Sostoyanie after the new company was established, and until the EON-RWE will complete the deal. He could also waive its rights to occupy two seats on Board the new British supplier.

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