Santander $225 bonus check [new Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, Delaware, new York, new Jersey & PA only]

Update 4: bonus returns v3. Hat tip to Danny Gurus of the Internet.

Update 3: Santander has renewed the proposal for the 2nd quarter. I republish because the offer is exactly the same and many of the answers can be found in the comments. On the re-proposal contains state restrictions on the banner.

Update 2: reader Paul points to what is offered now, only those who are residents of: new Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, Delaware, new York, new Jersey & PA

Update 1: I re-publish it because Santander claims processing and deposits. You may find that $150 offer to link to your account disclosure (see this post), but the representative confirmed to me that $150 is linked to a system error and that anyone who used the correct promo code (WINTER225) after February 1, at midnight (Eastern time) Was over $225 bonus. You will get something like 7 pieces of mail from Santander: great package should have a sheet indicating that you signed up for a 225 $offer.

Santander has a $225 up to $350 checking account bonuses available on the target mailer for a while. Now, the reader KHS brought the public offer test 225$ to our attention, which seems to have replaced the now-expired 150 $offers (for a short time that it is valid).

Offer at first glance

  • The maximum bonus amount: $225
  • Availability: must be a resident of new Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, Delaware, new York, new Jersey & PA
  • Direct Deposit required: Yes, one or more for a total of $500 (see here important)
  • Additional requirements: the account must be opened for at least 90 days
  • Hard/soft pull: soft, see below
  • Credit card funding: up to $500
  • Monthly fee: $10 – $35, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within 90 days of opening
  • Expiry date: 30 June 2017 to 30 September 2018

The contents

  • 1 Offer
  • 2 The Fine Print
  • 3 Avoiding Fees
    • 3.1 Basic Checks
    • 3.2 Checking Procedure
    • 3.3 Premier Plus
  • 4 Our Verdict


Direct link to this offer. You can open an account online (and up to $500 in credit card financing) or print coupon from the link above and bring it to the office to open. Please note that Santander is not yet fully rolled out this proposal — so, and there is a link to just the score, yet not one direct for checking & “Premier plus” checking accounts, although they also have the right.

  • Get a $225 bonus when you open a qualifying new checking account with promo code DIGBONUSJ8S and performing the following steps:
    • Receive direct deposits totaling at least $500 within the first 90 days, and
    • To keep Your account open for at least 90 days.
  • Tip: on the financing page, the opportunity to remove a $3 paper statement fee is locked and you have to remember to change to the Paperless option after receiving online access to avoid $3 paper statement fees. Hat tip Marcopolo.


The Fine Print

  • Offer is not available if any account holder demand Deposit customers of Santander, or Santander accounts a Deposit in the last 12 months prior to account opening.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Eligible new account must be opened between 7/1/2018 – 9/30/2018.
  • In order to receive the bonus, account must remain open and the right Type of goods at the time of payment of bonus. In addition, the account must have a positive balance at the time of awarding.
  • The bonus is the interest and will be reported to the IRS on form 1099-int.
  • If multiple accounts are opened with the same signature, only one account to be eligible for the bonus.
  • Direct deposits include deposits on your employer or the Federal or government Agency or the retirement administrator and, generally, payments to corporations or other organizations. They do not include deposits to your account, which are made by the individual using online banking or Internet payments such as PayPal.

To Avoid Checking FeesBasic

There are not waiveable 3 $monthly maintenance fee.

Just Right To Check

There is a monthly fee of$ 10 that will not be charged when you make any financial transaction that posts within a calendar month*. Includes deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments. Excluding the fees, allowances or adjustments placed Santander.

*footnote based on “fee for service”, you should interpret this to refer to the wiring operations during each instruction cycle (as you would expect) — if your cycle statement does not coincide with the calendar month.

Premier Plus

I don’t think anyone here is considering this, but the monthly fee is$ 35, which refused to maintain $75,000 combined balances in deposits and investment Santander investment services or 6000 in total monthly payment.

Our Verdict

Given that $150 seems to be their new standard range, and easy to make our page the best bonus Bank, it’s fantastic. Note that it has a very limited life (59 days) and the agreement on overdraft protection is quite confusing. You have to agree to this when applying online, but you want to select “overdraft” instead of “all overdrafts” to avoid a hard pull. I already took the plunge, and I think this proposal is worth your time. If you set up online banking, log in to the application process, you can check the status of your application by logging in at this link.

Though I’ll probably keep the attention around a while longer than 4 months, I see little reason to deviate from the plan, as outlined in its 150 $position:

  • To open a current account (not main).
  • Fund $500 Non-city/discover/American Express card, preferably with the cash advance limit as close to $0 as possible. You can have success with Citi now-a-days.
  • To make a direct Deposit of $500 to meet the requirement of direct Deposit and to waive the first monthly fee.
  • However, to bring anywhere.
  • To do automatic bill pay (to) not less than$ 1 monthly to keep the account fee-free.
  • To wait 90 days from the date of opening the account, and then wait another 30 days for bonus to post.
  • To close the account.

I guess it will be promptly added to our database of bonus Bank. Please keep in mind that Santander deals on what is considered direct Deposit, which is why you see in particular PayPal basis. You can go here for a great to write on and can see here most recent data points.

Hat tip to the reader of CH.

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