[Rumor] OD/om to limit You to one discount to visa/MasterCard stock

Office depot/max often and promotions, offering a $15 discount when you purchase $300 in visa or MasterCard gift cards. The fine print always says that there is a limit 1 per household/business, but it is usually not enforceable, because you can just go to another store (or the store). According to the reader, a Memorandum was sent stating that the account rewards tied to the purchase limit will be enforced.

It was supposed to start at 5/11/18, but there are many data points it is not (electronic.g people successfully purchasing and using a multiple of your bonus account). The reader who saw the memo had this happen to them, so it is possible, it is slowly rolling over. Their direct experience is the following:

What would have happened if my card had to go through to be approved at the end of my Bank, then OD/om automatic return of the transaction and read the “card problem” that happened with 4 cards (I called the Bank and confirmed this). Then we did it without a linked card and poof same card was perfectly well.

I noted this as a rumor, but it’s a reliable reader and I doubt they would lie about it. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next promotion.

Hat tip to reader Matt

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