Royal wedding could give a £80m upgrade of the British economy

Royal wedding could provide a shot in the arm more than £80 million on slowing the economy, as retailers, pubs and hoteliers look to cash in on Harry and the impending wedding Megan.

Tourism authority of tourism authority of great Britain visitbritain, about 50,000 Americans are expected to be among the crowds lining the roads in Windsor and soaking up the atmosphere in the capital, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to tie the knot at the end of this month. Pubs were given special permission to stay open late, while retailers in London’s shopping district, expect £60m a mini-boom of sales on the background of tourist spending.

“There could be a modest boost to GDP growth in the second quarter with the Royal wedding and the world Cup, starting in mid-June,” said Howard Archer, chief economic adviser to the economic forecasting group ey item club. “There may be a temporary increase in retail sales from people buying Souvenirs and tourism.”

Airbnb said that about 42,000 people arriving is expected in London, the hosts were set to rake in £12 million from renting out their property. Residents of Windsor can earn £353 from the wedding weekend only using Airbnb to let their properties. The decision of the spouses to get married in the grounds of Windsor castle also turned out to Slough, Maidenhead and the value of the rental “hot spots,” said the company.

A graph of the relationship of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle



July 2016

The pair meet in London through friends and begin a relationship.

30 October 2016

The news that the Prince and the Markle Dating.

8 November 2016

Kensington Palace confirmed in an unprecedented statement that they meet. The Prince attacks the media for their “abuse and harassment” of his girlfriend.

11 Nov 2017

Markle was spotted in London amid unconfirmed information, she is enjoying her first visit to Kensington Palace as their relationship was made public.

10 Jan 2017

Reportedly, Markle meets the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte for the first time in London.

5 Sep 2017

Engagement, like when Markle graces the cover of the American magazine “vanity fair” and speaks openly about Harry for the first time, showing: “we are two people who are truly happy and in love.”

24 Sep 2017

Markle makes her first appearance at an official engagement attended by the Prince when she attends games of the Unconquered ceremony in Toronto, Canada – although the pair sit about 18 seats apart.

19 Oct 2017

It turns out that the Prince took Markle to meet his grandmother, the Queen, that they should marry. They met for afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

22 Oct 2017

Aides of the Prince was reportedly told to start planning for the Royal wedding, with senior members of the Royal family was asked to look at their diaries list of episodes any weekend in 2018.

21 Nov 2017

Markle was spotted in London, triggering speculation that she is preparing for the announcement of the engagement.

27 Nov 2017

Clarence house announced their engagement, and the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh say they are “happy for the couple and wish them happiness.”

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With the landlords of the pub were given special permission to stay open until 1 a.m. the night before the wedding and on the day itself, the British Association of beer and pubs believes that extended trading hours are able to deliver 10 million pounds to increase sales.

“Leisure hours of licensing for pubs would be welcome pub-goers and will provide a real boost to the trade pub,” said Brigid Simmonds, Executive Director of the BBPA – which represents 20,000 owners of pubs.

The wedding clashes with the FA Cup final between “Manchester United” and “Chelsea”, but while the wedding starts at noon, the action begins at Wembley to the tea to avoid potential fights on the big screen.

Tim Martin, the Chairman, as JD Wetherspoon – which runs almost 900 pubs, are less optimistic that the wedding will be good for business. “With all due respect to Harry and his missus, but I can’t see the Royal wedding move the dial to the trade pub,” he said. “The public wish them all the best, but I feel that the wedding’ value to hackneyed”.

The hope is that in good weather opens Bank holiday will hang around for the next two weeks: may 19 is too far away for the weather Bureau that honed his Outlook, but he warns that “confidence in the continuation of the warm dry spell low” on its website. Online casino gambling the company offers a 100/1 chance that the mercury will hit 100F (37.7 C) on the big day.

The country’s beleaguered retailers warm up for the event since the engagement was announced at the end of last year, with merchandise running the gamut from flashy £12 tea towels in John Lewis Argos-x £14.99 plagiarism Markle’s engagement ring is cubic Zirconia, not diamonds.

Markle also for improving the state of British Fashion retailers by mixing brands such as Marks & Spencer and puzzles in her designer wardrobe for public appearances.

Large supermarkets will also benefit as the host British side of the street, and use this event as the reason for the meeting. It is not clear how many street parties are held all over the country, but this figure is likely to be in hundreds, in one County Council Hertfordshire reporting 51 applications.

Said Britain the pomp and ceremony associated with the Royal family was part of the attractiveness of the country for foreign tourists, with the nationality of the bride an added bonus, because American visitors are the UK’s highest spending foreign group.

“We look at it as a moment of the demonstration on TV channels around the world,” said Director of visit Britain, Patricia Yates. “Our history and heritage is a huge draw at the international level and this opportunity to rejuvenate your audience with modern history.”

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