Rolls-Royce sets sights on private planes with a new engine start

Rolls-Royce seeks to regain its position as a leader in the business jet in the world, is launching a new family of engines for private planes.

The company introduced a specially built jet engines, known as the Pearl, which use rolls-Royce the latest technologies and quieter, more powerful and less fuel-thirsty than their competitors.

Rolls quietly developed the engines for the German division of business jets and announced the launch of cooperation with “Bombardier” at the European business aviation exhibition in Geneva.

A technician inspects the fan blades on one of the new pearls of engines


Bombardier announced the launch of two new private jets – Global, 5500 and 6500 – which will exclusively use pearl engines.

The new engines are Rolls that attempt to re-establish itself as a dominant player in the provision of engine for private aircraft.

The company still has about 50pcs of the market, but its positions are undermined about five years ago, as the American giant “Pratt & Whitney” launched new engines and the European aerospace company snecma has also introduced new products.

Rolls also is increasingly concentrated on their aircraft engines, increased its production volumes, at that time, he lost the meaning to focus on other areas, management is trying to restructure the business after a run of profit warnings and a change of leadership.

Bombardier introduced a new business jet which will be powered by rolls-Royce’s new engine family


Last year, business aviation made up just 14pc hole saw from £8 billion of revenue civil aviation rolls created from the total group revenues of £15.1 billion

Chris Cholerton, rolls-Royce President of civil aviation, pearl said engines will allow the company to “once again, to pave the way in business aviation.”

Rolls-Royce 1 year share price changes

Analysts at berenberg said the launch “marks rolls-Royce’s entry into the market for corporate jet after the Premier of the current situation with the Gulf stream in large sector salon three years ago.”