“Punk” beer Brewdog manufacturer sells 22% of the firm’s private equity house

Early investors in the “punk” beer firm Brewdog will the Bank a hefty profit this week. The injection of funds from a private investor home value the company at £1 billion, 10 years after the beginning of life in its founder’s garage the mother.

San Francisco TSG consumer partners has agreed to buy 22% of Brewdog, whose unique Beers and an international network of bars received a cult following, in a deal worth £213m.

Some 100 million pounds will be invested in the business of TSG, which also owns us brewer Pabst, too, have spent £113м purchase of shares from existing investors, according to the “Sunday times”.

Founders James watt and Martin Dickie did not understand, has reached 100 million pounds between them as a result of transactions ten years after they used a £20,000 Bank loan to start a brewery in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.

Brewdog army of around 50,000 “capital gang”, his name for investors in the previous four rounds of crowdfunding, we can sell up to 15% of its shares this week, said in a statement.

Watts told investors that they stand to make a return of 2,800%, if they were among those who bought at the first opportunity in 2010.

Efforts at fundraising values the company at £26m, but the brewer has grown rapidly since then, building on the increasing popularity of so-called “craft” beer, tending to strong hop flavor and high alcohol content.

It now employs 800 staff, open Brewdog bars all over the world and started construction of the brewery in Columbus, Ohio as a Launchpad for the quest to conquer America.

TSG investments the company’s values, which is laid out over 7 million pounds pre-tax profit of £71m in revenue last year, to £1bn. The rating means that even at the late stage investors who last year bought the stock can make a 177% profit, if they want to sell.

The shareholders cleared the way for investment by approving changes in the capital structure of Brewdog at the meeting of March 29, according to the company, with 95% voted in favor. Changes include the award of preference shares to TSG, which entitles you to an annual return of 18% if the company is bought or lists on the stock market, according to reports.

“Since we started this journey in Martin’s mom’s garage, Brewdog exists to make other people so passionate about great craft beer as we are,” said Watts, adding: “we remain laser focused on achieving this goal than ever before.

“We are not going to let this go to our heads, but Martin to buy a new sweater.”

The company also told its annual meeting that turnover last year increased by 60% and predicted even better growth for 2017.

The decision by brewdog to accept investments from private equity groups, has attracted some comment in light of his repeated attempts to position himself as a “punk” upstart skeptical of large corporations.

Josh Rubin

Oh, how rebellious and punk. @brewdog is now 22% owned by large private capital.

8 APR 2017

Brewer recently fought to assert itself as in large enterprises, he argues, the contempt, after the Guardian revealed that he threatened legal action against two small companies, she says violates its trademarks.

Dozens of punk rock bands recently signed an open letter to challenge the company’s right to use the term.

Best dog craft beer: James watt and Martin Dickie




James watt photo: Murdo Macleod for the guardian




Martin Dickie photography: Alan Richardson Keeper

James watt and Martin Dickie, said that they began to brew, because “in principle, there’s nothing we could find we wanted to drink.” Couples who studied together in school in Aberdeenshire, started Brewdog in 2007 with a Bank loan, savings, and a grant from the Prince’s trust. Ten years later they are a household name, thanks to tie-UPS with major retailers and a series of loud disputes.

It was Dicky who had technical beer NOO in the beginning, is a graduate of the International centre for brewing and Distilling at University of Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh and spent two years working at the brewery in Derbyshire called Thornbridge. Meanwhile, watt studied law and Economics at the same University to work as a fisherman.

In their spare time, they started in 2006 they were advised to abandon the work of beer writer Michael Jackson. The following year, at the age of 24 years, they have rented a building in Fraserburgh and invested their money in equipment to start their brand.

Dickie said in the beginning that they were doing the work “seven days a week, and brewery – probably 18 to 20 hours a day. It was a lot of hard work and faith.”

Realizing that the power of publicity they reacted to criticism of their stronger beer with a 1.1% ABV nanny state and another, the end of history at 55% ABV., which was presented inside dead animals. In 2016, the list honors the Queen’s birthday included MBES for the pair.

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