Problems after potentially lethal damage found in VW Polo and Seat belts

Some of the top-selling UK cars can have a defective and potentially deadly safety belt, Volkswagen admitted.

Rear left seat belt for VW Polo as well as two brand places that are potentially dangerous faults, the tests conducted in the Finnish car magazine has found.

Independent tests of the magazine, which were later recognized by the manufacturer, it was found that when the car is moving and all three seat belts in the rear left seat belt can suddenly detach, leaving the passengers are secured.

The fault does not affect the latest model of the VW Polo, which last year had 7 of the top selling cars in the UK, as well as the seat Ibiza and Arona seat.

The VW Group, which owns all the brands stated that he is aware of the error and advise owners not to use the middle seat belt until a solution is found and a feedback can be implemented.

The magazine Tekniikan Maailma found the problem happened when the car was carrying five people and the driver at a high speed lane change to the left.

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The tests found that, when the body of the middle passenger seats are shifted as a car turned the corner, he made the highest mounting buckle center seat belt lower buckle on the outer left side of the belt, pressing the last one.

Tekniikan Maailma said it happened many times in each specific model, and that “unlocking caused the fault in the structure.”

The representative from the Volkswagen group in Wolfsburg, Germany, said: “on the basis of the analysis made in our factory, we have determined the belt question that Tekniikan Maailma found in the tests.

“At Volkswagen, safety remains a top priority, and we responded immediately to resolve the issue. As a result, possible technical solution has been determined.

“Volkswagen is now waiting for a final check of the relevant authorities for its implementation, both on customer vehicles and future production.”

The question arose as times per day the BMW has recalled over 300,000 cars in the UK due to the electrical malfunction that caused some cars to cut out, which was revealed on the BBC watchdog investigation of the crime.

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