Patrick Bousquet-Chevanne goes to the last M&s reshuffle

The man who hired Mrs. Claus and Paddington, to help market marks and Spencer will be leaving the company in the latest shakeup of management of the new Chairman, Archie Norman.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Executive Director for customer service, marketing and M& depart after six years on the Board payment in the amount of up to 2 million pounds, although he is unlikely to get about half that, as the performance-related share bonus.

Responsibilities Bousquet-Chavanne will be shared between the marketing bosses for food and clothing and houses, with a small Central group, mainly engaged in online services.

Steve Rowe, chief Executive officer, M&s, said: “Patrick observed several unusual marketing programs for M&s corporate and has made great strides in laying the foundations of our digital business.”

Bousquet-Chavanne oversaw the successful Mrs Claus Christmas ad involving Janet Mcteer, as a stylish James bond-the character, as in last year’s Paddington commercial after a number of more traditional efforts.

Other management changes at M&s include boss food and Andy Adcock this month was replaced by Stuart machin, previously the head of the group owner of the World, $. UK. Helen Weir left his post as CFO at the end of last month and will be replaced by former Director of Dixons Humphrey singer later this year.

In October, M&s also brought in the former CEO of Halford, Jill MacDonald, to help revive its struggling clothing, beauty and home sections. Her appointment to the new post of head of clothing and home proposed care, Joe Jenkins, head women’s lingerie and beauty, who left to run the fashion brand white stuff.

The announcement of McDonald’s in may came days before Norman was named as the new Chairman. He joined the business in September. The new Chairman promised a radical change, accusing M&s of “drifting” has more than 15 years.

Along rejig management, the group confirmed that it plans to close 14 stores, sold out his Kong and announced the consolidation of its network of distribution centers.

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