MDB becomes Ihob desperately bleating for attention

Well, we are talking about them, so it worked.

On Monday, in what would seem, a desperate call to pay attention to it in international house of pancakes has announced that it is changing its name from IHOP to the Ihob. The Internet, as expected, mirror.

But what is “b” You ask? Breakfast? Bancake? Blockchain? To Be The Best? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to find out. The restaurant chain tweeted that he will announce big news on June 11, if you can handle the anticipation.

IHOP is generously threw us a few hints while they count down the days until revelation. “We are serious about quality food and our menu and the name really reflects that,” Stephanie Peterson, Executive Director, MDB communications, said in a statement, which actually reflects the world of fresh and PR communications.

The name change is expensive and often dangerous efforts. The research Agency millward brown, a research company, found that many brands change their names from 5 to 20% drop in sales, and the weakening of brand image. Usually brands only have to change their name when they are forced or when they are desperate. In 2014, for example, a Belgian chocolate maker called ISIS changed the name for obvious reasons. “If we knew, was a terrorist organization with the same name, we would have never chosen that,” marketing Manager of the company told Reuters.

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Sometimes a name change makes sense strategically, as a way of defending a completely changed place in society. In the UK, for example, Heinz recently upset seasonings purists said that they could change the name of your salad cream sandwich cream. It’s, you know, doesn’t sound disgusting at all. Potential changes occur after the Heinz study found that only 14% of consumers relish to use it on a salad. This name is no longer “fairly represents the ingredients of the product or use cases”.

In the case of MDB, however, it seems that the name change is probably not a terrorist, nor a use-case-related. And, it is likely that “Ihob” is just a gimmick designed to promote the introduction of some interesting new item in the menu of IHOP. The instigator damn, it seems, taken a piece of the marketing book of the pizzeria. In 2008, the international network of “rebranding” to pasta hut for April fool’s day stunt designed to draw attention to the new dishes on the menu. Director of marketing at the fast-food chain described as “shock tactics” is to “get people to feel differently about Pizza hut”. People were quite shocked, if not quite delighted. Soon after this, the excited trick, Pizza hut decided to rename the “house” in order to be down with the text messages of children. It was quickly ridiculed, and the company was forced to issue a press release stating: “we are proud of our name and heritage and will Pizza hut”.




Budweiser America photo: Budweiser

It’s not just Pizza hut, many other brands have changed their names for promotional purposes. In 2016, for example, the company temporarily changed its name to America to capitalize on major events including the Copa America Centenario takes place on American soil for the first time, team USA to play in Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games and the election that left a lot of people who think that they need to drink.

Marks and Spencer, a British retailer, recently celebrated the Royal wedding, temporarily changing its name to Markle & sparkle, although they found that they were not the only one who came up with this wording. Nephew Meghan Markle, in a licensed farmer Dooley Oregon marijuana Tyler, released a strain of marijuana called Markle & sparkle in commemoration of the happy event.