MARRIOTT & details ACS merger – what You need to know

Marriott announced that they will create a unified program of the ACS as of August 2018. A new name for the loyalty program will be released in early 2019. Here are additional details about the new program, don’t forget to read our post on the American Express SPG, as well as changes.

The contents

  • 1 Chart
  • 2 Credit Cards
  • 3 Elite Status
    • 3.1 Lifetime Status
  • 4 Points Airlines
  • 5 Our Verdict

Schedule Award

  • They will add the standard and off-peak prices in 2019
  • The chart is as follows

Credit Card

See our special post about it here.

Elite Status

There will be five luxury levels as follows:

  • Silver: 10 nights
    • 10% bonus points
    • Late Check-out subject to availability
    • Dedicated elite line order
  • Gold: 25 am
    • 25% bonus points
    • 2pm late check out subject to availability of places
    • Welcome gift points
    • A room upgrade subject to availability of places, but except suites
  • Platinum: 50 nights
    • 50% bonus points
    • Guaranteed 4 PM late check-out (subject to availability at the resorts only)
    • A welcome gift of points, Breakfast, or amenities
    • Executive lounge access
    • Annual choice 5 Suite night awards or gift
  • Premier platinum: 75 nights
    • 75% bonus points
    • The annual choice of 5 Suite night awards or gift (e.g you get two of them)
  • Platinum Premier Ambassador package: 100 nights plus $20,000 in qualifying spend
    • Service Ambassador
    • The your24 benefit (check in / out in a 24-hour period)

As you can see to earn elite stays using remains impossible, this is all based on the night.

Lifetime Status

There are some changes in the condition of life for those with existing lifetime status you will receive the following status:

  • Lifelong members of the ACS gold will become lifetime members of the MARRIOTT gold
  • Life members of the SPG Platinum will become lifetime members of the MARRIOTT platinum
  • All life members of MARRIOTT gold/platinum members will become platinum life

Members of the Platinum life not receive an annual benefit choice 5 Suite night award or gift. It’s frustrating, as it is the main platinum benefit and one that most of the elite wanted. For those who want to apply for a new status of life rules:

  • Lifetime silver elite: 250 lifetime nights + 5 years elite status
  • The lifetime gold elite: 400 life nights + 7 years of Gold Elite status or higher
  • Lifetime platinum elite: 600 life nights + 10 years of elite status of Platinum and above

Hotel Points To Airlines

You can transfer your Marriott Rewards into airline miles (as is currently possible with note). For every three points you transfer you will earn miles on one airline, You also get a 5,000 bonus mile for every 60 000 points transferred. This is the same as the current SPG program. Package Marriott hotel + air will linger, but the prices will change (no solid parts).

They also add new options to the airline. In total there will be over 40 airlines. New airlines include qantas airline company, jetblue, Turkish and more.

Our Verdict

It is difficult to determine what a bad award Chart changes not really knowing what properties will be in property. Previously, the Highest Category MARRIOTT rewards was 45,000 points, after the change it will be 85,000 points (up to 100,000 points at its peak in 2019). It’s kind of ridiculous to change it, but if this is a new Category exclusively ACS luxury real estate, it’s not as bad as first glance would have done it (although still awful).

In General, these changes are not as bad as I feared they would be, but I shall reserve my opinion until I had a better look at the whole program. What is your first reaction? Also keep in mind, I really thought that these changes are really bad. I just think they are really bad.