Market overview: stocks slide gloomy forecasts of analysts at JPMorgan adds a warning to the G20

Dire warnings of growth from the G20 Finance Committee Sent world stocks slide back into red, as investors succumbed to the trade woes of the war after racking up three weeks of profit.

Sharp markets were under pressure from the G20 countries claiming that the increase was “at least recently synchronized” while the risks were increased by “increased trade and geopolitical tensions” and “increased financial vulnerability”.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan has given the UK market’s gloomy prognosis, saying that “no blue” scenario on the London stock exchange shares.

Providing customers “underweight” in the whole UK market, the wall Street Bank warned that lower oil prices will hit London stocks hard and leaving the UK turmoil could drag down the pound and stocks at the same time.

Donald trump all-caps Twitter assault on Iran, noting geopolitical risk, causing tremors in the oil market, the FTSE 100 pulled back 23 points at 7,655.79.

The hub markets-the FTSE 100

Elsewhere, GlaxoSmithKline grew by 14.8 R £15.65, despite city analysts pouring cold water on reports of discussions to break the British largest producer of medicines. UBS tell customers that a spin-off of the division of health care consumers, which may affect its cover dividends and Liberum argued that the focus control should be on your research and development, and not shaking up the structure of the company.

The company’s production of NPK rallied 13.6 p To 778p after depositing shareholder, Standard life Aberdeen, warned in a Sunday Telegraph possible rates of interest from us competitor, Berry and global private equity firms after the recent downturn in stock prices.

Troubled outsourcer capita fell sharply to 4.1 160.9 p after the defence Ministry confirmed that it had suspended the hotly contested contract to run military fire and rescue services following a lawsuit from rival Segro.

On Sunday, the Telegraph reports that a real estate agent across the country lined up to 100 million pounds cashcall weakened by 1.1 p. p. to 48.9 Question of law, to reduce the debt should be delayed for its interim results this week, said.

Investment firm Prime opportunity to drop out of the race to buy up the IWG knocked £2.7 bn office provider by 2.8 points to 298,8 R. Airline shares experienced a stormy ride after Ryanairwith lower profits spooked investors. Main rival easyjet fell 27P to $ 15.88 while British Airways owner MAG dipped 10.6 p 676.6 p.

Peter diamond lOST some of its Shine after the reduction of production forecasts, the weakening of the stock 5.3 P to 44.7 p a three-year low.

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