Lowes: 10% Off The Entire Site + Google Mini For To Spend 150 $ + More Stacks (30% Off + Mini)

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  • 1 Offer
  • 2 Stacking Offer
  • 3 Our Verdict


Direct link to offer

  • Lowe’s offers a discount of 10% discount for members of the mylowe’s from 7/16 to 7/17 (competition on the day Prime). In addition, if you spend $150, you will receive a free Google mini home using discounts as well.

Styling Offer

  • Combined with other discounts. Confirmed to work on:
    • Veterans a 10% discount
    • Standard 10% discount (is there an easy way to do it, but I always forget. If readers can Share in the comments that would be great)
  • Trading portal. Get up to 4% cashback
  • Credit card. To use a card that earns at a high speed on the household purchases in the store, some people have this offer for 10% back as well. Alternatively you can use the gift card discount you previously purchased.

Our Verdict

Most people should be able to get a discount of 30% (10% proposal, 10% of the standard vet discount and the 10% AMEX offer or discounted gift cards) plus free mini home if you spend $150+. Pretty good deal if you ask me (and assuming that prices have not risen). Feel free to post anything that you buy in the comments below. Let me know if I missed also the possibility of stacking.

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