Little green bag: Morrison revived the paper in the war on plastic

Morrison revives the traditional brown paper bags for loose fresh fruit and vegetables, in a move he says will prevent 150m small packets are used each year.

Paper bags are available Monday and will be in all supermarkets 493 stores by the end of the summer. Made from 100% recyclable paper, they see-though paper strip to help buyers and staff to identify the product inside.

The move is a response to growing public concern about the huge amounts of plastic garbage. Morrison was the start Pact the UK Trade, industry initiative, which aims to reduce the use of disposable plastic and plastic waste that can be avoided.

“We listened to the concerns of customers about the use of plastic bags for vegetables and fruits, so we return the paper bags,” drew said kirk, production Manager at the supermarket.

Now customers can also bring their own containers in Morrisons butchers and fishmongers counters, supermarket 100 loyalty points as an incentive.