Lines to bring the dismissed chief Newton-Jones again to steer the restructuring

The lines will tomorrow reveal it has hired former boss mark Newton-Jones just over a month after he was dismissed in an unexpected move, during which time he to take the helm of the troubled retailer as it embarks on a major restructuring.

The child circuit, which will lay out the details of a major overhaul of its results on Thursday, ditched Mr Newton-Jones as Director last month, then-Chairman Alan Parker said, although he “did a good job, we think we can do even better in the future.”

Two weeks after this, Mr. Parker was replaced on a post of the Chairman of the Clive Register. The reports suggested that Mr. Register was a key player in the collection of the rescue deal and the formation of restructuring plans.

It is believed that David wood, a former Tesco Executive, who replaced Mr. Newton woods, go to another position with the group, although it was not clear that this role will be tonight.

Recent changes at the top of the first reports “sky news”, will be revealed together the details of the substantial alterations to the line, which he conducts in an attempt to be the last street name to collapse into administration.

Is expected to announce the closure of 50 stores within the company voluntary agreement (CVA), an insolvency process that allows companies to reduce rents in some stores and close inefficient sites.

That will be 2018 in the retail sector?

Stripping these stores can trigger hundreds of jobs, adding to the growing number of trading positions to be cut this year. Poundworld and house of Fraser are also currently in the middle of the brew, while stalwarts such as toys R us, disappeared from the high street.

Line confirmed to the newspaper “Sunday Telegraph” earlier this week that it will tap shareholders for cash as part of the measures.

It also works with the Rothschild investment Bank to explore other funding options, and we are in the process of negotiating existing debts with HSBC and Barclays.

The kid refused to comment.

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