Let’s move on to Weston-super-Mare: building on the Banksy effect

What’s in it for? Plans are afoot to magic Weston-super-Mare the mayor of Margate to Bristol. In may, the Executive Director of the arts Council wanted to give the city a tidy sum to of £50,000, no less, to build the so-called effect of Banksy. I’m not an expert, but I could have sworn there was some irony to be when Mr. Banksy has brought his theme Park dismaland in Weston in 2015. He didn’t know he was actually a local regeneration strategy tip: 150,000 people attended; 20 million pounds flowed into local coffers, apparently. Brad pitt for. Council on the arts named the town “art & culture dream” what might be egging it a bit. And if you buy that this means affordable rental and ownership, delicious geography (three wide bays, brooding views of the Bristol channel and I love iron age Hillfort) and a good line in the late Victorian architecture, it is possible that they do something. Come on, artists. Do your duty. To regenerate!

The case against I feel that it may take a little more than £50,000 to turn the city’s fate around. It was a bit of an investment – restored pier, a smart new pavement, festivals-a-go-go, often grim new architecture, etc. – but many Grand plans come and go. The city badly needs a big idea. Oh, the mud at low tide!

Well connected? Trains: on the loop highway, two or three hours to Bristol (18-34 minutes), one or two in Taunton (30-35 minutes), with changes on a fast line. Driving: you about 10 minutes to the M5, Bristol and in three quarters of an hour, and Bristol airport in 40 minutes.

Let’s move on to Whitby, North Yorkshire: this is the real deal

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Schools primaries: among the many good, according to OFSTED, bournville tickets to “outstanding”. Secondary: Hans Price “good” and the Priory community was “outstanding”.

Hang In… I wouldn’t say that food was in the strong town game. Your usual selection of sea. I had a good Greek meze ointment.

Where to buy this city is famous for its exceptional late Victorian and Edwardian houses – villas with terraces – most of them gathered on a hill, overlooking Weston Bay and East Milton, and South in a southerly direction, East of beach road and the road up the hill, around the Park Clarence. The rest pales in comparison, but there are some good nuggets of the former villages in Old Worle and uphill. Large detacheds and town houses, £350,000-1 million pounds. Smaller Detacheds and town houses, £225,000-£350,000. Semis, £150,000-£500,000. Terraces and cottages, £300,000. Flats, £80,000-£350,000. For rent: one bedroom apartment, £450-£550pcm; three bedroom house, £800-£950pcm.

Deal of the week three-bedroom apartment in the South, £225,000, with saxonswsm.Ko.UK.

From the streets

Tim Smith ‘Kaspa for this wonderful ice cream, pancakes and waffles. Beware of the mud flats at low tide’.

Joan Halstead – don’t move here for the excitement. There are many lovely independent cafe’.

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