Let’s go to bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk: charming culinary

What’s in it for? On the streets of bury is not a podium for architectural interesting (i.e. me). Suffolk pink painted 16th-century cottages? Yes, please. Don’t like pink? Walk 10 meters and another stunner arrives. Flint Knapped. Half timber. Lining. Townhouse in Georgian style, orange brick walls blazing in the sun. This spot pargetting? This. Yum. Hey, nice tiles. WINDOW BOW! Lemon yellow paint? I like it. If Dan Cruikshank was left to the urban planning, he wouldn’t be able to come up with better. They must establish each period bi-Bi-si drama here. I didn’t even mention the ancient ruins of the Abbey (with the hobbit houses built on them!), or from the tower of the Cathedral, or hammerbeam roof and don’t even get me started on the country’s only surviving Regency theatre. It makes to bury the sound in the Museum. This is not so. Top of Abbeygate cinema, the burgeoning scene: this city has life. I love to bury. Can you tell?

The case against him on all alone on the A14 (but surrounded by the underrated and beautiful countryside).

Well connected? Trains: hourly to Cambridge (44-47 minutes), an hour or half an hour before Stowmarket (16-21 minutes) and Ipswich (30-38 minutes). Driving: A14, lifeline East of England, passes through; 45 minutes to Cambridge and the M11, or the other way to Ipswich, 50-60 min. on the seaside in Felixstowe or Aldeburgh.

Schools primaries: barrier, Sexton Manor, St Oldest café, Priors green, Guildhall feoffment, Hardwick, westgate and all the “good”, says OFSTED, with Sebert wood “outstanding”. Secondary: King Edward VI cofe and Catholic Saint Benedict – “good”, to bury St Edmund’s County Upper “outstanding”.

Hanging out in the… to bury-it is rather below the radar cooking. Pea porridge is usually told, quite rightly, but do not miss the Maison Bleue, Ben, 1921 angel hill angel. Then there are the pubs: the Old cannon microbrewery, dove, Fox, cute tiny nutshell, the rose and crown.

Let’s move to Ipswich, Suffolk: ‘more David Brent than Steve jobs

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Where to buy historical centre is large. Bury has long been an important city, and each age has left its mark. There are all kinds of possible homes on streets such as College street or street whiting to walk and wonder. A little further, there is a nice area, mostly Victorian streets to the South of Newmarket road in the Western part of the city. Large detacheds and town houses, £450,000- £ 1.2 billion. Smaller Detacheds and town houses, £280,000-£450,000. Semis, £200,000-£600,000. Terraces and cottages, £170,000-£400,000. Flat, £130,000-£300,000. For rent: one bedroom apartment, £600-£1,000 PCM; three bedroom house, £800-£1,800 PCM.

Deal of the week four of the bedrooms are listed at the beginning of the 19th century home, needs updating, £450,000 from LSK.Ko.UK.

From the streets

Rachel salt “great selection of independent shops and cafes. Brilliant market on Wednesdays and Saturdays ‘strings a foodie of world cuisine. It is inevitable that you will be able to strike up a conversation with other people outdoors at the tables, as the town is very friendly. Minus – no direct trains to London and the A14 terrible….”

Janet perks , “Bury is a country market town: conservative, slow-paced and rural. We bought a big house that we sold our Cambridge, on the floor!”

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