John Lewis denies approach network Amazon

John Lewis partnership (JLP) has rejected reports that he went to the Amazon last year to take over the supermarket chain waitrose.

According to the “Sunday times” message, senior Manager, Amazon pushed for a formal meeting, but was blocked by the Council for OTP.

To move Amazon to the grocery sector in the U.K. two years ago, with the launch of the online service Amazon fresh delivery, has long caused speculation among city analysts that he might be interested in buying a more established network of UK supermarkets.

Its $13.7 billion (£10.12 billion) purchase organic food chain only in the markets of food products, last summer was seen as a statement of your ambitions and earn about 460 stores, including nine in the UK, where all the food has been operating since 2004.

The merger proposed £15 billion Asda–Sainsbury’s to create a new food superpowers was seen as an attempt to combat the growing threat from Amazon.

According to the “Sunday times”, when you try to open negotiations with waitrose made Ajay Kavan, Vice President for special projects at Amazon. Reportedly, Cavan was in November last year, a few “extremely informal” conversations with an unnamed Director of LPEA about a possible deal .

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However, sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairman of LPA, refuse approach. He said, “these times are not ripe for speculation, but there was no approach to partnership with Amazon about waitrose and I don’t expect there to be.”

Amazon said they would not comment on rumors and speculation.

The network became part of the John Lewis partnership in 1937 when he was 10 shops. There are now over 350 network stores and shops for the rest of the service stations.

The partnership means that John Lewis and waitrose are owned 85,000 permanent employees of the group who share in the profits. In March OTP to reduce its annual bonus to employees to the lowest level for the last 64 years, after profits fell.

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