Intertek consumer caused by the push for sustainability

The increase in consumer demand for higher quality and more sustainable products are driving growth with product testing company Intertek, putting it on track to meet its expectations for revenue this year.

The company tests various products, including sporting goods, packaging, machines and toys, to check that manufacturers are not the appropriate rules.

The requirements of manufacturers have become more in recent years after scandals such as the discovery of horse meat in some ready meals and Volkswagen in the emissions scandal.

By dividing the company’s products are well established in the first four months of the year and was the only one of the three business areas of the company intertek revenue growth in the period rose 0.2 PC to £508.1 m

The company said it expected the Department to benefit from the “growing demand for quality and stability of emerging and developed economy”, and also retailers the scheme of consumer demand and increased focus on risk on the part of large companies.


Andre Lacroix, CEO, said the company is “uniquely positioned to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities for growth.”

He added: “we are moving to achieve our goals by 2018”.

The other two areas Intertek services, trade and resources has posted a small drop in revenues, but analysts suggested that the sharing of resources, which caters to the oil and gas industry, makes a good recovery.

Overall, the company said that revenue fell by 2.5 PC to £861.2 m in the period, mainly due to adverse currency movements. Excluding changes in the value of sterling, revenue increased by 4.4 PC.

The company’s shares rose 3.52 computer Thursday morning at £53.56.

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