IKEA undertakes phasing out of disposable plastic products by 2020

IKEA is phasing out disposable plastic products from the shops and restaurants by 2020, amid growing concern about the impact of plastic on the environment.

IKEA said, plastic straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, garbage bags, and plastic coated paper plates and cups will be phased out, and where you can substitute alternatives.

In the UK supermarkets to launch a voluntary commitment to reduce plastic packaging

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The press Secretary said, “We don’t have all the answers, but we work together with our suppliers to find solutions that are good for people and the planet”.

Swedish furniture system is ready to abandon the oil based plastics and wants to ensure that all plastic products are made using recycled materials in August 2020.

She has invested in a plant for the processing of plastics to help push the plan forward.

The last step was taken amid growing concerns about the pollution of plastic in the oceans, where it can harm and kill wild animals such as turtles and sea birds.

The retailer, which has over 363 stores worldwide, says it also wants to help its customers to live more sustainably by offering products such as nozzles faucet that could save more than 90% of used water. It will also offer solar panels in 29 markets, up from five at present to 2025 and the introduction of more vegetarian options in the cafe.

“Through our, and we have the ability to inspire and to give more than 1 billion people live better, within the limits of the planet”, torbjörn Lööf, CEO of the parent company in the IKEA group, said.

“Change will only be possible if we cooperate with others and to develop entrepreneurship. We strive to take a leading role, working together with everyone – from raw material suppliers for our customers and partners.”

The seller has already invested in wind farms and solar panels to put on their stores as part of plans to rely on renewable sources of electricity and heat in their stores by 2020.

The commitment of IKEA plastic after the Iceland grocery chain, said it will ditch plastic packaging for its own brand products by 2023. The British parliamentarians called on other supermarkets to follow their example and eliminate plastic packaging from their products during this period.

Tesco has told suppliers that it wants to stop using Non-recyclable plastic packaging from next year, the network stops the black plastic trays which are difficult to dispose of.

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The UN report released Tuesday is the world day of environmental protection showed dozens of Nations for cutting plastic, including a ban on plastic bags in Kenya, on polystyrene in Sri Lanka and the use of biodegradable packages in China.

A tax on disposable plastic bags in the UK, have reduced their use and Ministers have banned microbeads in personal care products. However, the pledge Theresa may, to put an end to avoidable plastic waste until the end of 2042 was criticized as too slow.

Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner Elena Polisano IKEA welcomed the step and said, “now we need to see other large retailers have come up with ambitious plans to reduce the number of disposable plastic on their shelves. One truckload of plastic waste entering our seas every minute and spreading everywhere from the Arctic to the Antarctic and the deepest point of the ocean, we need bold action – and quickly.”