Iberia Points From 90,000 Points Now Transfer To British Airways – The Big Catch

Earlier this year, Iberia ran a generous promotion, offering 9,000 avios Iberia in the booked flight. The action was very strange/generous is that You do not have to actually fly the flight to get the miles. People were able to book very cheap tickets for effective acquisition of miles at low cost. The downside is that the miles expire in December of this year and initially was moved to “British Airways”.

It seems that Iberia is back for this last restriction and to allow transfer to “British Airways”. According to Flyertalk Raffles this is because Iberia is trying to get ahead of a story that will be published in the Sunday edition of the British tabloid ‘the Mail’. The terms of the original promotion said:

If customers transfer these Points to your account in BA Executive club, they will have a negative balance in Iberia Plus programme, and these Points have not been spent on the specified date.

Despite this no points/not traded at all. Iberia plans to allow the transfer, but users will still end up with a negative balance in Iberia Plus programme, as originally stated deadlines. My recommendation would be not to do the translation unless absolutely necessary. Even if you plan not to use Iberia plus, again, it is impossible to know if another promotion like this will come or another opportunity. By transferring you are going to end up with a huge negative balance up to 90,000 points. Another worry is-what happens when the Iberia & British Airways to combine in one program avios, I’m assuming that the negative balance is transferred as well.

That being said, if You can’t use Iberia points until December then I absolutely pass them, if you can use avios British Airways. Keep in mind that you Iberia account must be at least 90 days to use the ‘combine avios’.

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