Huge demand for Gareth Southgate – as after-dinner speaker

The success of Gareth Southgate is quietly transforming England from a brave young underdogs in the national heroes did not go unnoticed in the work of the boards of Directors of corporations in the UK.

At Southgate and the team is still training for the third place playoff in Saint Petersburg on Saturday, agents were Fielding calls from banks and other large companies, reports management and motivational consulting with them in after-dinner speeches.

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“There is a huge demand for Gareth,” Chris banks, Agency celebrity booking NMP live, said. “People want to talk to him about leadership and how to change the culture of the organization. It is not only banks, but all sorts of corporate sector.”

He said Southgate, 47, can provide as much as £100,000 for a short after-dinner speeches or moderating panel discussions, as he “a lot of people.”

Banks said that the NRM has not passed on any kind he received in Southgate as “he clearly has more important things to do right now.” However, when the euphoria passes, the NWO will be held in Southgate dossier for consideration.

“Gareth has not set prices as those below the chain; when it comes to harvesting a lot of factors into consideration, such as his schedule and the nature of the request and the identity of the customer,” banks said. “But the demand is currently very high, and if the customer wants he would have to put in a very high offer to him as he will have a very limited time. He will command tens of thousands of pounds, if not hundreds of thousands.”

Publishers are also chasing the South gate, Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier and the rest of the team to write a book revealing the ins and outs of their World Cup success. Adrian Sington, managing Director of actor’s Agency Kruger Cowne rights, he said he expected competition among publishers will be intense and agents will hold auctions to provide the highest paying offers.

“The book Southgate will be the most popular, and most interesting,” Sington said. “There are lessons to be learned from the South gate, which go beyond football – for business, leadership and mentorship. As a player I would definitely buy it.”

He said that publishers will be interested in ensuring Kane, Trippier and Harry Maguire, but they offered significantly less money than Southgate.

Singleton refused to speculate about possible costs, but said the sentences will be much less than £ 5m five-book Wayne Rooney has signed with HarperCollins in 2006. Publisher of frozen in the past year, the contract after the first two books Rooney my story so far (2006) and my decade in the Premier League (2012) failed to fly off the shelves. But Rooney will publish the last book when he hangs up his boots.

“The days of blockbuster sports book much more, as fans much closer to the players instantly via social media,” said Singleton. “But the proposals will be made for all the key players, and I would expect that they will in the coming days and weeks, not weeks and months.”

Proposals will be made to the agents of players who will set the price to get into the auction, which bid against each other, said Singleton. Jamie Vardy has provided £250,000 for his book, telling the story of the shock Leicester city championship League Triumph in 2016 after four publishers fought for their rights at auction.

Steve Martin, Executive Director of M & C Saatchi sport and entertainment, sponsorship and marketing Agency, also said it expects Southgate to attract the most interest from sponsors because it was “most desirable to tell”.

He said: “Southgate can talk about how to lead, how to change and how to achieve success. What I like about Southgate is that he is humble, and he can tell you where it all went wrong. From the point of view of the brand there are many with it what you want to be associated with”.

Martin said he also expected Kane, Trippier and Maguire to get a good amount of name and sponsorship requests. He said that a wise person Maguire on Twitter showed “architecture, brands can work with”.

However, Martin said it will be on alpha, which will be “rubbing their hands in glee,” as this world Cup performance “showed the importance of England as a team, not a collection of individuals, which was the main weakness.”

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He added: “the commercial group FA will sit there, very happy came to sponsors and brands, and now they have a vision and story to attract fans.”

Mark hell, PR and branding expert, said the team’s modest and elegant approach will attract many big brands to football. “Before the world Cup, some brands have gone in football, because some of the more colorful players behavior and scandal in FIFA,” he said. “But phlegmatic and modest approach Southgate could mean that this could be the beginning of a new generation of players that brands want”.

The winners of the world Cup in England

Gareth Southgate should be the biggest financial winner from the world Cup, with the publishers wanting to get a law on the books that tells the inside story of the tournament, as well as his ideas in the management and motivation. Southgate is also in high demand after-dinner speaking.

Harry Kane as captain, Kane publishing rights will be hotly contested. Kane is already a star in Nike’s “nothing compares to going to the Londoner” along with soot and stars in front of Olympic hero MO Farah.

Harry Maguire memes Harry taking over the Internet and England star spreading them on his Twitter account. Expert on branding say that it shows humility and a sense of humor that advertisers seek to exploit.

Kieran Trippier “Trippier has gone from unknown in fact, to show personality with a real appeal,” Steve Martin, CEO of marketing firm M&C Saatchi Sport and entertainment, said.

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