How to migrate to the new world the chase Hyatt card and F. A. q

Chase has launched a new Hyatt card called the world of Hyatt and seemingly stopped the old habit of the Hyatt card, but they will not be upgraded automatically to the new card. The new card has an annual fee of $95 instead of $75, but comes with some other advantages. We compared two cards. If you prefer a new card, you can upgrade and get 2,000 points for that. Some readers have asked how to update and chase have created a special page for upgrades. You should be able to upgrade online, but this feature is currently not so instead of to work, you need to call chase customer Service at 1-800-436-7941.

The contents

  • 1 F. A. Q
    • 1.1 should I upgrade?
    • 1.2 if there are any updates to reset the 24 month clock?

A. F. vopros sShould I upgrade?

This is a personal decision and will depend on your unique circumstances. Is it worth paying an extra annual fee of $20 for profit? You can use our comparison table to help decide. The answer to the question below will also impact your decision (e.G if you received a bonus of 22 months ago, it may be better to just wait 2 months, then cancel the old card and apply for a new card and get 60,000 points). If you received your card more than 24 months ago, I would just cancel the old card, wait 30 days and then apply for a new card to get the bonus.

Makes updates to reset the 24 month clock?

For those not knowing what this issue is about, new world, Hyatt States card:

The product is not available either (I) current Cardmembers of any of the Hyatt credit card, or (II) previous Cardmembers of any of the Hyatt credit card who received a new participant bonus within the last 24 months.

This language specifically States a new participant bonus’. I don’t think this is a new bonus party, as the offer to update. That being said chase could easily consider this a bonus update in the form of new bonuses for more. Really we can’t know for some time.

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