Housing Finance firm produces the exposure of city £150 million pounds in London float

Real estate investment the exposure of city sales of £150 million listing on London’s Junior market today, after shelving its earlier plans to deploy in 2014.

The aim listing will enable the company to raise money to increase the amount it can lend to developers of housing, and pick up a few clients for their unit asset management, which monitors the finances of the companies, he said. It will offer 150 million shares to investors at £1 each.

Urban expositions was founded in 2002 by Randeesh Sandhu, a former risk analyst at Deutsche Bank and Royal & Sun investment. He hoped to plug the gap left by the banks after the last two housing market crashes when development Finance dried up as lenders reduced their presence in the real estate market.

In recent years, the company has focused on providing financing for small construction companies operating in regional markets in the UK, which find it more difficult to obtain financing in order to build houses, more than their London rivals.

The company had intended to swim in one of its facilities in 2014 in order to raise £500 million, but to put plans on hold after a series of IPOs at the time led to the potential investor fatigue.

But the exposure the city said that it was time to start a second attempt due to lack of funds for development and huge demand for new homes.

Mr Sandhu said that the shortage of houses needs the UK requires around £208bn of additional funding over the next 10 years, almost twice more than currently provided. He also said that the government wants to see more companies coming to the market.

“Small builders account for a third of the market,” he said. “They used to be two-thirds, and a lot of [the decline] to a lack of Bank financing.”

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