Helena Morrissey participated trump to cooperate with us

Dame Helena Morrissey, one of the most notorious women UK in Finance, said she went to dinner with Donald trump during his working visit to the UK, because it was “important to engage” with the United States.

Part Morrissey, head of personal investments & General legal, black tie event for business leaders at Blenheim Palace, hosted by Theresa may, on July 12. She was among the 150 guests dined on smoked salmon, steaks, and strawberries.

In an interview with “sky news”, Morrissey said “It was a constructive thing to do. I understand why there were protests, but I think we need to discuss these issues, not hoping they will disappear.”




Dame Helena Morrissey said that she understood why there were protests at the visit of Donald trump, but we need to discuss these issues rather than hoping they will go away’. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty images

Among the guests was attended by the heads of FTSE 100 companies such as “rolls-Royce”, “Barclays” and BP, the UK’s richest man, sir Jim Ratcliffe, but some business leaders were absent, in particular, sir Richard Branson and Lord sugar, who had a loud quarrel with a President of the United States in recent years.

Morrissey said it was “slightly surreal” experience“ like a wedding, with a lot of wait” – and noted that she was one of the few women, although she thought “it was, rather, a reflection on the lack of women in leadership positions in business in this country, and not any kind of protest.”

She added: “I went because it is very important that we attract. We interact with companies we don’t agree with everything they do. It is important that we interact with politicians and countries, particularly the United States, an important trading partner for the UK.”

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Visit trump, which led to mass demonstrations came as UK and European firms grapple with the consequences of us trade tariffs on steel and aluminum. The US President also caused controversy when he told the Sun newspaper that the plan may withdraw Britain Checkers would sign a trade agreement with the United States impossible, and then rowing back.

Speaking of trade disputes between the United States and Europe, Morrissey said business dinners, as trump was“ setting out your stall” and building relationships, demonstrating the UK “fantastic” technology, defense and financial and professional services.

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