Heathrow raises 1 billion pounds to Fund the expansion of a third runway in the quarter and the month looms

Heathrow airport has secured funding for the next two years of its controversial expansion plans.

Almost 1 billion pounds of debt was raised in 2018 ahead of schedule, amid fears of a British exit from the European Union in March next year could disrupt capital markets.

Proceeds will be used for the development of the third runway of Heathrow airport and invest in the country’s largest airport.

Speaking as Heathrow announced a 2.3 PC increase in its revenues in the first half, CEO John Holland-Kaye said that £160 million will be spent in 2018, to put plans in place to expand the airport.

Heathrow chief Executive John Holland-Kaye


Mr. Holland-Kaye said: “we wanted to start early funding for expansion [and] with the quarter and the month soon, we wanted to provide…

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