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Wonderful and classless Morris minor (letters, June 7) was also lovely smiley front end, as did the Volkswagen beetle, the car is truly popular, and many other machines years ago. So many modern cars have an aggressive face, frowning and scowling, but as a samurai mask. Maybe a more comfortable machine, will lead to better driving and safer roads?
David Cockayne
Lymm, Cheshire

• I’m a huge fan of Martin Rowson, but use one of the UK’s most revered and favorite cars – Morris 1000 traveller in his cartoon (June 5) is, of course, inappropriate. Austin Allegro or Morris Marina would be the best choice to represent the mode of transport our disaster-prone government.
Dr. Peter B Baker
Prestwood, Buckinghamshire

• TV manufacturers don’t need to return to last century to find another scandal to dramatize (a little more English scandals, G2, 6 June). Novel Chris Hune would be compulsive viewing, especially if Rupert graves, Anna Chancellor and Olivia Colman played in the corners of the triangle.
Dave Hidi
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

• As usual I had a real giggle over John grace’s column (June 7), and a new name, Teresa may, which is may tree, because everything in her power appears to be dancing chaotically around her inflexible and rigid frame with very little rhythm and no sense lawful direction.
Judith Daniels
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

• Find yourself a solo traveler, I couldn’t help but notice your ad “tours with the curator for a solo traveller” (June 5) and in small print below where it says “prices are based on two people sharing”.
Bill Onwusah

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