DPD raises to pay and some fines after the death of the driver

Self-employed couriers working in the gig economy delivery firm DPD will receive a guaranteed minimum wage of £8.75 per hour, in the framework of the reform after the death of a self-employed driver who missed hospital appointments in connection with the need to continue to work or be charged.

The proposal is considered to be the first of its kind large firm hiring gig in the system, which was previously transferred most of the risk of achieving stable income to workers who have been paid for shipping. The minimum bet will be £10.20 an hour in London and every self-employed driver will have their earnings and hours were evaluated quarterly by independent auditors.

DPD stated that “the standard for the industry.” Other courier services and transport companies including Hermes, deliveroo and uber – rely on self-employed workers whose salary depends on the number of jobs they do every day. Studies have suggested that some people working in this way to earn far below the national minimum wage – currently £7.83 an hour more than-25C.




Don lane with his wife, Ruth. Don, the DPD driver, died after missing a doctor’s appointment for treatment of her diabetes. Photo: RichardCrease/BNPS

DPD makes deliveries for marks and Spencer and John Lewis, which expressed concern about the use of labor force after the death of don lane, reports the guardian. He confirmed that the scrapping of £150 per day fee to drivers who miss work without finding a replacement. Lane, 53, collapsed and died in January after he missed a doctor’s appointment for treatment of diabetes, was fined £150 when he went to the hospital.

His death sparked anger in the house of Commons. Labour described it as “heartbreaking” and the business Secretary, Greg Clark, called it “a terrible tragedy”.

DPD move came as the Board of the Fund for the settlement of family relations, said that the growth of self-employment, was the cause of weak income growth, especially among millennials. He found the proportion of young people in self-employment has risen sharply, accounting for 15% of the total number of employed 35-year-old.

An estimated 1.1 million people working in the gig economy in the UK and there was a labour court cases in which the gig workers, including uber and city Sprint have successfully argued that they were in bogus self-employment and, in fact, should be viewed as employees and subject to the minimum wage, holiday pay and other rights. The government is considering legislation to make it easier for workers and businesses to understand whether someone is an employee or self-employed.

The move also comes as the government announced increased fines for employers who violate the laws On the protection of low-paid workers. He said that will keep the leading brands jointly and severally liable for non-compliance in their supply chains by naming and shaming those that do not correct the failure.

Dwain McDonald, CEO of DPD, said that the driver code was a “complete reassessment of every aspect of our driver package”.

It will also give drivers the option to obtain the status of worker, which means that they will receive stable wages, paid sick leave, 28 days holiday and pensions. RUE said that the average annual salary in accordance with these terms will be £28,800 and that drivers not will to bear the costs for the rental and to insure their cars like they do now.

“Our goal is simple – to make DPD carrier for delivery drivers for our drivers to be the best rewarded in the industry,” McDonald said.

But the Union representing some 5,000 drivers DPD expressed caution. Calne Waterson, regional organiser for GMB Scotland, said that after the first DPD announced a £150 value will be revised in March, it continues in some places, with one of its members was charged £300 for missed two days of work in the last month alone.

“It sounds good, but promise to scrap the fines it sounded too good,” he said. “We will believe it when we see it.”

He also criticized DPD to communicate new proposals through the press and not directly with drivers, or unions.

DPD declined to comment on whether the change of the amount he is paying couriers for delivery, in order to Fund the changes. He said it was commercially sensitive.

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