Delay Tesco Club card changes after the rollback of the client

Tesco has delayed changes to the clubcard rewards scheme after a backlash from customers who objected to its reduction in the cost of vouchers without notice.

The UK’s largest retailer said Wednesday she listened to feedback and to postpone the introduction of the changes until June 10.

Tesco wrote to its millions of customers a Club card this week, saying that he “simplified” scheme, with the changes effective from January 15, to make it more simple. He said that the updated map loyalty will offer three times the value of their vouchers with more than 100 trade partners as a standard redemption.

The seller said it was the end of those who offer twice and four times the cost, including some of the most popular and long-standing proposals, such as meals at PizzaExpress, Zizzi and hotel.

The statement was immediately met with criticism that clients will get less of their points and that they were given no warning about the changes. Tesco announced to all customers who purchased vouchers to three times the cost of “not to lose” and contact technical support.

When announcing its half-year results, Tesco said it had 16 million active customers Club card.

Anika Newjoto, editor of the specialist bonus point website sunglasses buyer, who was the first to draw attention to the changes Tesco have tried to present as neutral, said, “there was no reason to convert suddenly changed to the value of clubcard vouchers. This is especially true when the scheme encourages people to store them for long period of two years shelf life”.

Founder Martin Lewis: “Tesco has seriously misjudged the mood, especially as, by definition, those who are hardest hit the most loyal customers.”