Compensation portal gift card MasterCard, raised the limit to $60,000

Many people received notice of the reversal from Yazing (and perhaps other portals) to purchase gift cards MasterCard. In April stopped paying for gift cards with the Visa, but the gift cards MasterCard still works, as in accordance with the conditions. Now they return all trekking portal for purchase from 14 July. (HT: Travelwithgrant)

Yazing reached out to users to inform them about the unexpected compensation, and that they are waiting to hear why this happened. They also point to the fact that no official changes in the data on payment portal, meaning that MasterCard gift cards from still should be entitled to the payment portal.

There are two issues, one waiting for the portal cash that many are waiting for, for many thousands of dollars. And the other is whether they are now removed MasterCard from the affiliate payouts in the future.

Hopefully it’s just some kind of mistake. If not, should at least make good on the payment portal for everything until they make an official change (and they still are not accepted). Yazing removed brand now other portals still MasterCard right, as before.

In an interesting move, the monthly limit $ 30,000 and sites Giftcardmall found through the portals was increased to $60,000.

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