Comcast may be forced to raise to the sky

The judge of the capture of the city could make Disney and comcast to pay a much higher price for the sky as they will the US war for Murdoch’s Empire escalates.

SWAT team is closely following the development of an unprecedented situation and has the authority to demand more. Murdoch-controlled 21st century Fox sells the majority of its assets, including its share of 39pc in the sky.

Disney agreed to pay $71 billion, while comcast is considering the possibility to respond with even more debt, running on bet.

Meanwhile, comcast also bid £22 billion, or £12.50 per share, the sky should publish a formal offer to the shareholders from July 13. Fox, who offered £10.75 per share to the Internet for complete control of the sky 18 months ago, ago and required the approval of Disney, if they have an online income.

High prices are discussed at the meeting of the assets of the Fox so the group can demand a higher price for the sky on either side, if she believes that the Internet us implies.

Disney still cautious about only to the price originally proposed by Fox, but the event exceeded £14. Analyst Bruno Burki said that the group is not expected to rule until there is a final agreement in the United States, but even there you can bargain anyway.