Comcast confirms $60bn plot on the challenge of the Internet Murdoch with disney

The head of comcast, Brian Roberts has challenged Rupert Murdoch, announcing audacious bid to disrupt access to the Mogul from the global entertainment.

Comcast has announced that “given, and it is in an advanced stage of preparation” it is difficult to deal with, Mr. Murdoch with Disney. He declares open war on one of the world’s most powerful media owners.

Empire entertainment, Mr. Murdoch, 21st century Fox, last year agreed to sell its film and television studios, its pay-TV operations, including its stake in sky, and a number of other assets in Disneyland.

Comcast, 200 billion $the Goliath is built on a large cable network of America, said that his proposal will be “less favorable to the shareholders of Fox and Disney offer.”

He plans to offer a higher figure, all in cash to gazump bet Disney $52bn in stocks. Maneuvering Mr. Roberts was one of the worst secrets on wall street in recent weeks as he lined up tens of billions of dollars in finances.

Public confirmation of his story is a direct challenge to Mr. Murdoch and Disney Chairman Bob iger as they prepare to make their transactions shareholders this summer.

The three parties have a few battles for decades. The attempt by Mr. Murdoch to challenge U.S. cable operators with the capture of the satellite provider directv in 2001, met Mr Roberts with aggressive expansion and acquisitions at&T broadband. Three years later, Comcast made an unsuccessful bid for Disney.

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Sale of assets of Fox Disney last year recorded the withdrawal of Mr. Murdoch. As 87-year-old gradually hand power to his eldest son Lachlan, they plan a much smaller “New Fox”, focused on the American news and sports. Families also remain in control of news Corp., identified by the publisher of Newspapers including the sun and the wall Street Journal.

To agreements with Disney, Fox rejected rival interest from comcast as too risky, although its rate was higher.

Us regulators and trump administration oppose the planned takeover of the company “time Warner” Telecom giant at&T. unlike comcast and at&T, Disney is not working in the broadband market and is seen as less likely to cause competition as the owner of the Fox assets.

Mr. Roberts, however, walk away. The decision Merdoka will save in the major Internet operators such as Apple and Amazon casts a shadow is seen as a rare opportunity to capture a larger share of the entertainment landscape.

Brian Roberts, Chairman and chief Executive Comcast first launched bidding to thwart the capture of the Fox sky

58-year-old, who inherited the leadership of comcast from his father, its founder, first began trading shares to thwart the takeover of sky Fox, to prevent Disney gets their hands on one of the stones in the crown of Murdoch.

Now, amid expectations that the U.S. Supreme court will cast aside next month, the Ministry of justice objections&acquisitions T “time Warner”, he prepared an attack on the big deal between the Murdoch family and Disney.

A separate bid Comcast and the sky will go forward. Culture Minister Matt Hancock this week indicated that it will not cause a lot of journalistic investigation, clearing the way for a bidding war with Fox and Disney. Mr. Murdoch, pending the results of a lengthy investigation of its influence on the British media, before he can raise a Fox, which is currently 16pc lower than Comcast.

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